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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-04-15 |
Director Roland Dane
Starring Roland Dane, Rafael Carreras, Lajos Bekefi, Dom Camillo, Giovanni Floretto, Atilla Hun, Gabor Hunter, Maxim Ivanov, Peter Bizanci, Daniel Halasz, Daniel Montes, Peter Balogh, Adam Longo

This subtitled bit of naughtiness boasts a delicious cast of Euro hunks guaranteed to put a throb in your family jewels.

Prowling Don Camillo, decked out in full cat-burglar gear, makes off with someone’s precious golden family heirloom. While awaiting John Q. Law to file a report, lean, frosted and goatee’d goat boy Gabor Hunter and muy-sexy Latino Attila Hun occupy themselves with some rim chewing, finger probing and versatile ass-slamming. Attila demonstrates a protein pick-up when he squirts a wad of heavy cream onto Gabor’s hairy ankle and licks it back up.

Thieving Don haggles with a pawnbroker, played by dreamily hunky Giovanni Floretto, the co-cover boy and a vague Ben Affleck lookalike if I do say so myself - he’s leaner than Ben, and seemingly has more personality; he’s also got a cleft chin and a big scrumptious uncut cock.

Furry-chested Don fingers and plows baby-smooth Ben, er, Gio on the hot pawnbroker’s desk. Alas, when it comes to the penis tasting, Gio doesn’t demonstrate particularly deep blowjobbing skills, despite his obvious determination and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, he’s got enough sheer sizzle to top the ambiguously gay Daredevil anyday!

Gio’s uncut upcurved cock, by the way, gripped tight by greedily slurping Don, is a spectacular sight to behold: a thick Y-shaped vein starts at the base of Gio’s wide shaft and forks out under the tight wrap of his mushroom-head-hugging foreskin. Appropriately, Don doesn’t suck it so much as he worships it. Gio’s own blown load is negligible, but he does take a splashy delivery of Don’s pearl jam onto the pecs.

An ensuing threesome in a bar features both Peters (Balogh and Bizanci) getting butt-poked in rapid succession by muscular and mighty-hung twink Adam Longo. The scene ends with a tightly packed three-man daisy chain. And a sloppy clean-up job for the bar-back/jizz-mopper, no doubt.

Back at the house, Attila greets two policemen who arrive with the stolen heirloom. Whew! To show his gratitude, Attila double-sucks the plumply hung and rightfully horny cops (Daniel Halasz and Lajos Bekefi) and offers both uniformed partners the vice-like grip of his anxious booty.

At last, spicy Latino co-cover hunk Raphael Carreras (the owner of the titular preciousness) engages in a sweaty 69/rim-chew/ass-plunge session with tasty cracker Maxim Ivanov. Ahhhh, the lovely sight of Raphael’s exquisitely plunging hips, his lusciously full bubble butt, his mouth-watering fuck pump… aw, crikey, I just blew a load all over my keyboard.
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