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DescriptionJan Fischer is the worst kind of criminal delinquent. If it's bad, he does it! Scott Swann, a fellow career hoodlum, is working on unsuspecting victim Matt Cole when Jan enters to have some fun. The boys drag Cole in the back of the bar and have sex with him on a pool table... and Jan steals his wallet.

Jan calls Tommy Blade, another one of his scam artist buddies, and meets him in the woods to give him part of today's take. Two corrupt police officers, played by Tyler Riggz and Nick Mazzaro, chase the two bad boys down and show them what hot man-to-man uniform sex is all about. The cops tie Tommy to a tree, cum on him and leave him to rot in the woods. As for Jan, they haul his sweet ass to the station for a heavy interrogation.

Jan is being questioned in the station by Sergeant Ross Cannon and his partner Johnny Hazzard. These two know what it takes to reform uncontrollable boys! "Why won't you cooperate? We have ways of making you talk!" The officers prove they mean business by presenting a "from bad boy to perfect Ken doll specimen" transformed Benjamin Bradley.

Will this convince Jan to cooperate? In what can only be described as a total mind fuck, Jan confronts his own worst demon - himself. Can these delinquents be reformed?

Benjamin Bradley, Johnny Hazzard, Jan Fischer, Matt Cole, Nick Mazzaro, Scott Swann, Tommy Blade, Tyler Riggz
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