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SURUBA (Portuguese) noun. 1. Orgy, gangbang. 2. Excessive indulgence. 3. Unrestrained sexual activity. The next release in the all-Brazilian, all sex gangbang series from AMG Brasil!
The boys of Rio de Janeiro are perfectly tanned, half naked and horny as hell. These beach boys spend their days fucking, laughing and laying in the Brazilian sun. BRONZE follows one group of Brazil's sun-baked studs on the beaches of Brazil through a day of scorching uninhibited group sex.

FAZENDA (Portuguese) noun. 1. Farm, ranch. 2. Workplace where young ranch hands offer their hot hard merchandise for trade. 3. The hottest new release in the all-Brazilian premium hardcore brand from AMG Brasil!
In the farmlands of the Brazilian countryside, hard work in the hot sun alongside other young men really heats up the day. After work and the chores are done, the heat of the day turns into an even more scorching evening of raw animal instinct. AMG BRASIL tries to tame nine young Brazilian ranchhands, but finds these boys just TOO WILD!

Gêmeos (Portuguese) noun. 1. twins.
An old surf board washes ashore on the Brazilian coast, bringing with it a secret sexual power. The native beach boys who discover it are unable to control their sexual appetites. Watch these bronzed Gods transform from innocent playmates into sex maniacs.
When a mysterious surfboard washes up on a beach near Rio de Janeiro, nine Brazilian men will find that something drastic has changed inside of them. As each man comes in contact with the board, they are struck with a sudden, insatiable need for male on male action. Is it a magic surfboard that triggered their desire, or has the Brazilian sun turned up the heat on their libidos?
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