Latin Leche - Chapters 20-29

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Latin Leche 20-29
Numero 20
Our hung camera man spotted this sexy Venezuelan tourist in the city center, and decided to give him two loads. The boy is nervous about being on camera, but our guy doesn’t let up. After the boy milks his big, uncut dick with his mouth, he’s coached to overcome his fear of being fucked and offers up his tight, wet hole. This kid enjoys every second of this thick, Argentine cock. Our guy cums a second time in the boy’s mouth and all over his big, beautiful lips, and he leaves the tourist in a pile of cash with cum dripping from his face. This won’t be the last time the boy visits Buenos Aires!

Numero 21
On a rainy day our cameraman found this straight Venezuelan boy wandering the streets of Buenos Aires. His phone died while he was out exploring - the perfect excuse to invite him over. He hasn't jerked off yet today, and he’s saved up a big load of leche for us to enjoy. It’s not too hard to get him naked - he even lets our camera guy play with his cock for a little cash. But when our guy tries to stick his cock in the boy’s ass, he freaks out. He puts on his clothes and tries to leave - but we offer him more than he earns in a month and he can't refuse. The boy takes a raw cock for the first time and even seems to enjoy it. He's fucked from behind, then he rides our cameraman’s dick and shoots his wad all over his chest before milking a load out with his mouth. After this taste of Argentine hospitality, he’ll definitely be back for more.

Numero 22
Our cameraman was roaming the streets of Buenos Aires one hot afternoon when he spotted a sexy tatted stud on his way to visit a friend. He’s a waiter by day, so we know he loves to service people- especially those who tip well. When our camera guy hands over some money for this stud to get off in a workshop nearby, he agrees to come back with us. This new tatted boy rubs our friend’s dick, and eagerly gives this stranger a hot, wet blowjob. When he’s handed a wad of cash, our sexy Latin guy gets fucked hard and raw doggy-style against a wall by a huge, uncut cock. He’s shaking by the end and finishes with a mouth full of cum and a hot load all over his lean chest. This money-hungry waiter will definitely be back for more on his next day off!

Numero 23
Our cameraman is out on the prowl when he stumbles upon a lost Venezuelan stud. It’s another hot day in Buenos Aires, and this horny stud is ready to fool around in a cool, shaded place. This bearded boy has never tried anal or had sex in public, but when our cameraman whips out the money, this horny boy is ready to hop on his big dick for more cash. This sexy Venezuelan jerks off, sucks dick, and gets fucked bareback for the first time until our cameraman blows his load all over this boy’s fuzzy face.

Numero 24
When I spotted this sexy jock in my building’s garage, I ran over to get him on camera. Turns out that this straight stud lives on the same floor as me, and after I offered him a handful of bills, the boy invited me in and agreed to jerk off while I filmed. This straight Latino hunk had never been fucked by a guy before, but his tight hole opened right up when my money came out of my wallet. Watch as this young muscle stud strokes his cock, rides my uncut dick, then gets pounded doggy-style. I left him in pile of cash with my cum oozing out of his hot smooth asshole, begging me to breed him again.

Numero 25
I spotted this week’s stud while I was taking a bus from downtown Buenos Aires. I sat next to the kid and struck up a conversation. He was a little nervous about being on camera, but once I got him talking I could tell he was a really horny guy. I told him that I had a straight guy with a huge dick waiting at my apartment for someone to come suck him off for cash. The boy agreed, and I’ve never seen such slutty sloppy cock sucking in my life. He shows off his tight hole for the camera before the straight stud rammed his dick in, so you can see it swallow every inch before he gets bathed in hot cum.

Numero 26
I found this hot guy passed out in a public bathroom and I could resist the urge to touch him. I gently tried to shake him but he was out cold.When I started to undo the guy’s pants, that’s when he jumped to his feet and started shouting at me. But I stayed cool. It only took me a minute to calm the stranger down, then I talked him into showing me his dick if I promised not film his face. Men were coming and going from the other stalls, and I talked one of them into joining us and fucking for cash. You’ll love this sloppy anonymous fuck fest — cruising at its finest!

Numero 27
I spotted this sexy student on the street right after class. I love college kids — they’re so eager to learn and experiment. Turns out this guy was very bi-curious. We really hit it off when we talked about sexting, and this stud agreed to go back to my place. Naturally, I wanted to get a look at his cock, and I wasn’t disappointed — he pulled out his fat tool, and for a little cash he let me stroke it. The cash kept coming, and the Latin stud said yes to everything. I gave my sexy scholar a pounding from behind and then he climbed on top and fucked himself with my dick, shooting his hot load all over my chest.

Numero 28
It’s hard to believe a boy this young could have a girlfriend of three years, but he was on his way to see her when I ran into him on a little street. They must have started dating when he was 15! I was so horny for his cute young ass that I talked him into sucking me right there in public. The boy must have liked the taste of my cock, because soon he was begging me to fuck him like he fucks his girlfriend. I gave him a good pounding right there outside, until he squirted his leche all over himself, and he let me dump a load on his pretty face for a few extra bucks.

Numero 29
I spotted this stunning guy sitting on a bench alone in the mall and decided to chat him up. He’s visiting his girlfriend all the way from Montevideo, so he isn’t used to other men complimenting him like we do in Buenos Aires. I invited him up to my room where he proceeded to strip down to his underwear and show off his rock hard body in exchange for some cash, and it wasn’t not long before he was stroking his uncut cock while sucking mine. The more he touched me, the more money he earned and the harder his big dick got. This inked straight dude really knows how to ride dick, take a pounding raw, and swallow a thick, juicy load of leche.

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