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Le Coursier

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Descriptionvintage french film... some fisting

The "8" rating is for the technical aspects of Le Coursier," JD Cadinot's tale of a delivery boy's adventures, en route to a massage parlor where he is transporting a collection of dildo's! Like all of Cadinot's films from this time, "Le Coursier" is professionally shot using real film, rather than cheap looking video. Sound, editing, lighting etc, are all top-notch. And the cast is a collection of guys who all have a special quality about them. Assan Ariana has the starring role as the bike messenger, who gets a call from Cadinot regular, the exotic Gilles Barthelemy, who plays the part of a masseur. There is a request for dildo's, of all different sizes, and Ariana must find and deliver them to their final destination. Not exactly Shakespeare, but this is a sex film, and as usual, the off-the-wall story that Cadinot includes is as fun as the sexual scenes. The adventure leads from a sex shop, to a surprise accident that lands the messenger in an ambulance, with two aroused attendants. After the accident Assan must take his bike into an auto body shop for repairs, where he entertains two funny grease monkeys, one of which is the very sexy, Morroccan-born Driss Rachid. After this there is an equally hot scene in a laundromat, involving two men, one of which turns out to be a priest! The film continues in this way, every scene filmed with an impressive amount of style. The only drawback IMO is that there is too much sex involving dildo's, and not enough real, actual sex. Unless one has a particular fetish for this, it can become distracting. Also there is a "fisting" scene towards the end which will turn off more sensitive viewers. I like the main actor, and I didn't really want to see him violated so harshly, as he is quite small and delicate-looking. But I suppose it is all a matter of personal taste. As usual for this director, the scenes that work the best involve interracial scenarios, and Cadinot manages to include at least one Arabic/Asian or Black performer in most scenes. Another disappointment is that Gilles Bathelemy doesn't engage in any actual sex here; it is all dildo's! Nevetheless, "Le Coursier" is one of Cadinot's better films.
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