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DescriptionFabulously tight and lean and smooth, Jayden has one of the top-of-the-line Defiant skater bodies.
Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,
Mark Summit

This 21-year-old boarder boy is visiting San Francisco from Vancouver, British Columbia. And when hangin’ in San Francisco why not stop by Joe Serna’s Defiant house for a relaxed jerk off session? This Canadian boy has the Defiant look down: cap, t-shirt, jeans, dragging a skateboard. He also has the Defiant drill down pretty well, even though he starts out a little stiff (no, not there, though that cums soon enough). Reclining on one of the now familiar Defiant couches, Mark rubs his bulge through some pretty heavy jeans and then, after unzipping, through the fly of his boxers. Getting stiffer (yes, now there!), Mark shows off his nice boarder boner, staring into the camera, asking what almost all the Defiant dudes ask: “You like that?” As usual, you’ll like that. Mark prefers a steady left-handed stroke, made his own by some damn nice wrist action. When he stands up close to the camera to show off his boner in profile, you’ll notice, among other things, that his boxers come from Budweiser. Though he’s not hung like a Clydesdale, Mark turns out to have a pretty solid 7-incher with an impressive flared head at the top (could that be why they call him Mark SUMMIT?). After briefly teasing us with a tempting butt shot, Mark turns around again to play with some invisible pre-cum, muttering, “Yeah. Fuck yeah.” Working his leaking summit with thumb and finger, Mark announces that he’s “about ready to bust.” Not really. Though he’s obviously feeling good and having fun, the announcement, and not the ejaculation, turns out to be a bit premature. Mark continues to stroke, taking his time, regularly rubbing precum on his nips. About this time you might be thinking, if you’re thinking at all, that this dude might look even better without his cap. This time, when Mark announces, “I’m gonna cum right now; O, fuck yeah,” he really means it, unleashing 5 or 6 very respectable squirts, of which he is obviously proud: “Yeah, waddya think of that cum shot? Pretty good, huh?” Well, okay, Mark, not bad for a rookie. From Canada.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,

Let’s see what a veteran, from the USA, can do. Next up: a true All-American PornTeam All-Star: the always beautiful, always horny, Jayden. As you may know, Jayden, despite his boyish, mischievously innocent, “I’m-still-just-like-a-rookie” charm, is a veteran major league player at the top of his game. Jayden always comes to play and always plays to cum. This time he claims that it’s “been about a week since I yanked the monkey.” Although blue’s a pretty good color for Jayden, you’ll be damn glad when he tosses the cap, tosses the t-shirt, tosses the jeans, and then settles down to toss himself off. Fabulously tight and lean and smooth, Jayden has one of the top-of-the-line Defiant skater bodies. Here he looks as hot as he ever has, maybe hotter. His monkey is obviously hot, because, after Jayden pets it for awhile inside his boxers, that horny, not-so-little monkey pops out of its box. Kicking his jeans off his ankles, Jayden spreads his legs about as wide as he ever has, lubes up, and then stands to show off and yank his monkey, which he now modestly calls his “big fuckin’ dick.” With the usual noisy straight porn in the background, Jayden gives himself a vigorous hand job. It obviously feels damn good because our all-star makes more expressive faces and bites his lip harder than ever before, and busts an intense nut. “Lots of fuckin’ jism,” he claims, though, truth be told, even though he insists “that’s a lot of cum,” it may not be as impressive to you as it was to him. Sometimes that’s the way it is when you wait a bit too long before yanking—or spanking—your monkey: “didn’t go very far, though.” But, hey, it’s not always all about the money shot. Sometimes, with an all-star player, you can be satisfied with a damn hot monkey shot.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,
Kent Stryker

Maybe he’s not as pretty as Jayden (hey, who the fuck is?), but Kent has an athletic straight boy look that will definitely keep him (and you) in the game. Telling us that he’s gotten “a little horny skating,” Kent rips of his t-shirt (“You like what you see so far?” and then tugs down his jeans (“How about now?”) to reveal a hefty semi (“Does THAT look good?”). The answers, emphatically: yes, yEs, and YES! Kent is a pretty muscular, confident jock, with especially big balls and big helmet head. Not surprisingly, Kent jerks off with muscular strokes, driven by some superb and distinctive wrist action. There’s nothing especially fancy about his unique technique, but it does the trick, as you’ll see when he offers you “another close-up.” When he’s ready to get serious about pumping off, Kent stretches his athletic body out on the couch. When his well-oiled cock occasionally slips out of his power grip, you’ll hear it slap back forcefully against his abs. The more angles the lucky camera man gives you, the more you’ll be convinced that Kent has a jock cock to contend with. He also has a juicy, well-lubricated cock: “I like it nice and wet.” As Kent continues to contend with his throbbing cock, breathing heavily as he pounds relentlessly, you’ll be increasingly amazed that his cock can withstand such a muscular pounding without bursting. Kent is clearly no amateur wanker, or even your average sk8r bater. Kent, my friends, is truly a world class jack off artist. Watch and learn. Breathing and stroking even more intensely than you can imagine, Kent spews a muscular and gut-wrenching load. Then he tries to shock or tease you by announcing: “I was watching a BI porn . . . guys and girls.” Hmmm. I wonder what’s next for this athletic straight boy.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,

Cory’s kinda cute in a sk8r bater way. And definitely horny. He begins his session by signing the infamous Defiant skate board—you know, the one with a couple dozen signatures in both ink and spunk by some of your favorite sk8r baters. Alone with the camera, Cory stands mostly out of frame for a few minutes, which turns out to be kinda hot because you see just enough of his left arm and shoulder to know that he is busy working up his stiffy. When he backs up we get to enjoy his decent smooth build and follow his sexy light trail down to the main attraction. Watching his straight porn, Cory stands next to the board, jerking off with above-average competence, and even shifting his grip easily from hand to hand. Sooner than you might expect, Cory asks if you are “Ready?” and signs the board again, this time with his gooey spunk. Showing off his contribution, Cory admits, “Shit! I just nutted on the wrong side of the board!” (As if a skateboard with boy spunk on BOTH sides could be a bad thing! Apologetic, Cory promises that he will “recharge” for an hour or so and then cum back and “do it right.” As you’ll see, in less than an hour, Cory is a boy of his word.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,
Jonathan Priest

This is turning into a VERY worthy sequel to Defiant’s classic Sportin’ Wood, Parts I, II, III, and IV. When Jonathan arrives on the scene, he discovers the legendary spunk-coated board: “I heard about this! Bunch of guys nutted on this board. It’s nice they left it here for me.” Yes, it is. Damn nice. Carefully signing his name (in ink), he steps back and reads: “Jonathan Priest.” Adding, “beautiful.” Yes, he sure is: Jonathan Priest is one beautiful and hot dude. He promises that he’s ready to “add my little contribution to this.” When Jonathan starts to strip, exposing an incredibly lean, athletic, perfectly proportioned body that lives up to the promise of his incredible, lightly-goateed face, you’ll undoubtedly breath harder and get harder. Like me, you might even say to yourself, “WOW!!! Jayden, who?” (If we weren’t so damn loyal to the great veterans.) Jonathon’s edgy good looks would definitely not be out of place on a football field (gotta be the quarterback) or in a rodeo (gotta be the bronco buster; hell, he’s even got a huge round silver buckle—and a matching little stud in his nipple). He gets real quiet when he gets into his jerk off session. Changing grips a lot, Jonathan kneels to make sure we see his big beautiful cock, which he shoves in our faces. When he tugs on his heavy balls, his cock gets even bigger. This wild bronco busting quarterback has pretty hairy legs, ass, and balls. And he’s not afraid to finger his hairy rim a bit. Spitting on his cock, Jonathan stretches back for his big finish. Watching him bite his lip and play with his right nip, you’ll just know for sure that this boy is a natural stud. And when he makes a series of horn dawg faces, tenses up his whole athletic body, scrambles for the remote to find the perfect porno inspiration, and changes his grip several times without missing a bit—well, then you’ll just know that this stud is a super star. Grunting “O yeah. O yeah. I’m gonna cum,” our new hero (we can be so fuckin’ fickle), throws the well-spunked board across his torso and dumps a major clumpy load of fresh bater paint all over it. Stroking his way through some serious aftershocks (hey, it’s San Francisco), and still breathing hard, Jonathan inserts two sticky fingers into his mouth. WOW!! It’s a little disappointing that when he stands up to show of his spunkature, some it drips off the sacred board. All is not lost, however. Jonathan licks up some of the run off before running off, carefully leaving the oft baptized skate board behind for the next bunch of guys. Nice. Beautiful.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,

It’s “been a few days” since Ethan busted his nut, so he understandably gets busy right away. Jonathan is a damn tough act to follow, but Ethan is so horny and so expressive that you won’t have too much trouble (eventually) stopping yourself from replaying Jonathon’s session and moving along with a new skater buddy. It helps that our pale and smooth Ethan has a very impressive and veiny cock poking out of his boxers. And it helps even more that when he stands in profile his cock shows some of the most formidable dick definition you’ll ever see. (It’s the kind of cock that slams back against his abs when it slips out of his hands. If Ethan seems a little nervous, his cock and his horniness still command respect. It’s fun to watch Ethan jerk himself off, mostly because he almost never uses any classic strokes, preferring to manipulate his massive meat in a variety of interesting ways. It’s also fun to watch Ethan watch himself on camera. Even if he’s a little shy, this dude obviously LOVES being watched. “I’m about ready to cum,” he warns, adding thoughtfully, “How about you?” Only now at the very end of his journey, does Ethan settle into the traditional hand-wrapped-firmly-around-cock kind of stroking, ultimately spewing a surprisingly and excitingly heavy load of spooge all over himself, including 2 or 3 rather stunning spurts. When, just before heading to the shower, Ethan says, “That was four days’ worth right there,” you’ll believe him. And thank him.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,

“Way too horny” to skate outside with his pals, Jackson tells us up front that he’s come inside to bate. He gets right down to business on the bed in a no nonsense way. Jackson is a pretty serious-looking dude. When he stands and tugs down his jeans, we’re treated to a pretty serious-looking bulge inside his dark boxers. After working that bulge a while, Jackson opens his fly and pulls out a T-H-I-C-K cock, with a mouth-watering, mouth-challenging shroom head. When he leans back, Jackson suddenly looks even sexier than you might have thought at first (despite his farmer’s tan). Jerking off in the usual way, Jackson stands and aims his bazooka right in your face. You won’t be offended. For Jackson, just a little lotion enhances the motion. Although he never really shows much personality, the hornier he gets the more he shows off an excellent physique. Although he never talks throughout his session, right at the end he can’t resist asking: “You ready to watch me cum?” and admitting, “It’s getting too hard to hold back.” Yes, we are ready, Jackson, so why hold back? He doesn’t. Cleaning up his inevitable sticky mess in the bathroom, Jackson openly admires his still pulsating cock head in the mirror. You won’t blame him.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,
Cory Returns

With the spunky skateboard still not dry from Cory’s last splash of boy paint, he returns, as he promised, to flip it over and splash the other side. Again, Cory watches his porno standing near the board. This time, though, there’s a camera man present, who takes us on a loving tour of Cory’s body, which looks cuter and hornier the second time around, maybe because he’s got some kewl tattoos. Or maybe it’s because, when viewed from the floor up, this boy’s balls are fuckin’ huge! Fully recharged, as he promised, Cory has no trouble whatsoever maintaining a very solid erection. He seems to like the camera’s (or camera man’s) attention, asking “You like watching me jack off?” It’s obvious that the camera or camera man LOVES Cory’s cock. So will you. Especially when he kneels over the skateboard and drops a couple of very creamy fresh pearls of Cory cum.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: SK8R' BATERS, Joe Serna,
Kurt Thurston

Carrying his board and a couple of stroke mags with him into the sauna, Kurt, smooth and well-defined, looks every inch the sweaty jock. At first it seems as if his cock could easily use another inch or two. But when he gets fully hard, which doesn’t take too long, maybe it’s just right after all. Kurt has an attitude, a look that means business—and pleasure. He keeps flipping through his mags, trying to find the perfect focus and motivation. After dropping generous quantities of lubricating cream on his cock, Kurt seems more motivated to make his own cream. He spreads his legs wide, propping them on opposite sides of the sauna’s walls. With one mag on his right and another on his left, Kurt keeps flipping pages like a dude with attention deficit disorder—or like a dude who knows just what he wants. When he stretches for more lubrication, we get a great chance to see just how super hard his sweaty jock cock has become. This time the lube soon takes Kurt well past the point of no return. After all the hot and sweaty buildup, it’s a little disappointing that we don’t get to see much of the highly anticipated explosion. But when he stands up you will catch just enough of a glimpse of his clumpy load to believe him when he says that it felt “great.” And that’s it for this edition of Bater Idol. Call S-K-8-R to vote for your favorite.

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