Wrestlers Lutteurs fight videos 2nd compilation

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description2nd compilation of W-and-L videos.

Wrestlers and Lutteurs is about competitive wrestling. This is man vs man.

Ten fights are included (more than three hours of fighting):

- Julien vs Dimitri from "Batailleurs 1"
- Julien vs Valentin from "Burnés 2"
- Ara vs Sylvain from "Cadors 1"
- Geoffrey vs Mourad from "Champions 1"
- Gregory vs Kevin from "Coriaces 1"
- Anthony vs Benoit from "Costauds 2"
- Az vs Adrian from "Costauds 2"
- Micka vs Jordan from "Dressage 3"
- Geoffrey vs Sylvain from "Querelle 1"
- Damien vs Chris from "Seigneurs 1"

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