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With ace direction by Chi Chi LaRue and a phenomenal script by Doug Jeffries, "Wicked" is a gleeful flick, headlined by the awesome powers of Brandon Lee. A true porn superstar, one who handles sex with delicious juice and dialogue with obvious talent, Brandon Lee is ideal as the lead in this pornographic ode to "A Christmas Carol," thankfully minus a cloying Tiny Tim character (no one anywhere near this thing is tiny, natch). For extra measure, the cast has been crammed full of top-flight performers, but Brandon shines above all in a tailor-made vehicle that shows off his incalculable prowess. It's a vanity piece, to be sure, but one clever enough to have the lead play himself with a snarling nasty presence between his dynamic sexual moments. That makes for a very winning twist.

The ever-adorable pouty-lipped Brent Everett is a mechanic who sits at his desk and immediately pops a boner. It's a big one, too, barely contained in his jeans. Somehow, it looks doubly big when he releases it, and Brent gets a good chance to play with it as his pulls up his shirt and shows off his chiseled chest. Fellow grease monkey Jan Fischer shows up, a bit scruffy and a lot handsome. Jan's blowjob is a deep one, chugging down every inch of Brent's cock. He has an ingratiating teasing time by licking all the way up Brent's cock to the owner's face and back down again. He whips out many tricks in his stellar sucking. Brent starts his oral work with Jan's ass, a rounded piece with an inviting hole that Brent licks with urgency. Brent gives Jan a great blowjob on his side, managing to steal some very sexy looks when he bats his pretty eyes upwards. Balancing everything out, Jan rims Brent's ass, but it's Brent who fucks. His first thrust in is effortless, setting the tone for an almost liquid fuck that comes alternately from his strong abs and grinding hips. Jan stands up for part two, riding backwards as Brent glides in and out of his ass. Brent is one awfully determined top, and his massive load coats Jan in cum.

The camera pulls back and director Doug Jeffries congratulates the guys on a scene well done. Yup, though standing alone the previous scene is a humdinger, it's also an entryway into the plot of a video being shot. Just then, temperamental star Brandon Lee gusts in and berates Doug for not using him in this scene. But, since Brandon is only a top, what could they do with him? Brandon is not happy. With ominous music (composed by Mr. Brandon Lee himself), the credits roll, showing Brandon's actual video history. Forget the exciting feat of being Asian-American in an industry with few others, he's simply had an astoundingly long career for any porn star, and the displayed titles are a proud lot.

Tag Adams and Tommy Ritter are dressed as cowboys on another set. They can't wait to start, but imperious Brandon, tightly packed into a smooth muscled body and covered with interesting tattoos, bellows upon entrance. "Don't you know who I am? Around here, everyone kisses my ass!" Brandon roars, deciding that Tag is going to do it literally. "Let's go, get in there! Come on, roll film!" Brandon spits out as a smiling Tag goes in for a rimming on a scrumptious unbeatable ass. Long-faced Tommy eyes the action jealously as Tag churns out one of his unstoppably energetic lickings. His head snaps all over the place as he douses the hole in his saliva. In the midst of Tag giving a gagging deep-throat, Tommy is called into action and shares possession of Brandon's cock with Tag. They are two greedy suckers, but Brandon is in control and decides who gets it and when. Director Chi Chi LaRue, who can always be counted on to present smashing displays of ass-munching, stacks Tag atop Tommy and lets Brandon loose on their asses. With animal desire, he bounces back and forth with a hardworking tongue. Tag sits on Brandon's face for some solo time and sucks statuesque Tommy while he's getting it. Then Tag goes back to a demanding blowjob on Brandon, but it's soon enough time for Brandon to unleash his topping power on Tag. Brandon looks almost casual as he goes along with great power, the fuck emanating so masterfully from below the pecs and above the knees. Tag manages to keep Tommy's cock fully down his throat the whole time. Brandon makes sure his dick plunges deep into Tag, turning from angry to cooing as he tells Tag to suck Tommy while he fucks him mightily. Tag then seats himself on Tommy so the latter can thrust up into him. His long legs are strong enough to keep his butt in the air as Tag rides him to the balls. Keeping the star happy, Tag sucks Brandon once again in a great match-up of cock and mouth. Brandon takes two facial shots from his co-stars and then pops out one of his own. "God damn it, Doug, this is the last time I let anyone cum on my face," Brandon rails as he darts from the set.

Brandon tears off to his dressing room where he stews until the ghostly specter of "The Ghost of Porn Past" arrives in the ageless form of Kurt Young. Brandon is convinced everyone loves him, but Kurt shows him otherwise. "He was such an asshole ... He's the reason I left the industry," Eddie Stone tells Jason Hawke, who says that Brandon ruined both a scene and a relationship of his. As Brandon watches, Eddie and Jason have some cheer-up sex. Dashing Eddie lovingly macks buff immaculate Jason with lots of sweet nuzzling and touching. He then dives down to hoover in Eddie's cock. Jason rims Eddie, whose legs are up in the air and thrown back comfortably. Jason's tad of chin hair must be a nice tickle on Eddie's bum. Overflowing in muscle, Jason has Eddie gorge himself on his uncut dick, down to the pubes and paying particular attention to the foreskin. In a stunning moment, Eddie even takes in the balls, too! This sweet scene (in contrast to Brandon's in-character anger) then finds Eddie using his entire face to lick around Jason's bulbous butt. With those legs back up and behind, Eddie takes a pro fuck from Jason, who works him over with good speed. Jason doesn't seem to need a rest, pumping heartily as he does at Eddie, whose velvety ass takes it all. Eddie rolls a condom down Jason's dick (without looking, mind you) and scoots his ass down on it. His ride has the same feisty speed as Jason's topping, so the energy level remains high. Locked in kisses, Eddie jacks off Jason to the white dots and then Jason does the same for him.

"If you don't stop making people miserable, you will never be happy. Ever!" Kurt tells Brandon, whose only reaction to the previous scene is to call the lovers "assholes." Kurt also mentions that another ghost will show up, and it does in the hacking form of Chi Chi herself (maneuvering through heaps of smoke). Decked out in her Sunday best, Chi Chi tells a puzzled Brandon about how she died (midgets and curling irons are involved), and how she's now "The Ghost of Porn Present." As her ego rose, her films declined in quality (not buying it, Brandon gushes about Chi Chi, the "orchestrator of orgies." "I know," replies the grinning glamazon), a lesson she hopes to impart to Brandon. Chi Chi decides to show Brandon how good life can be when everyone gets along.

So, the next scene starts with delightful inked stud muffin Johnny Hazzard having his body licked and worshipped by the beautiful big-chested brunet Joey Milano. Joey continues the story's line of impossibly precise deep-throats as gorgeous hairy-chested Luca DiCorso looks on with sexy eyes. Appreciating Joey's dedicated slurpy blowjob keeps Luca nice and hard. Luca finally joins by licking Joey's ass while the latter continues his blowjob. The scene is directed very differently from the first three-way, where Brandon was clearly showing off as the star. Here, all three guys are intent on pleasing each other with no one dominating (though Joey's wowing talent almost steals the scene). Luca enjoys Joey's ass so much he licks the taste off his fingers. After Johnny is double-teamed by Luca and Joey, the moaning monster of sucking that is Joey moves onto pleasing Luca. But, he can't stay away from Johnny's dick for long, going back and forth between the guys. Johnny gets to fuck Joey with lots of gusto, almost keeping his bottom from continuing his blowjob of Luca. Joey's ass has just the right tightness to keep Johnny working hard. Further proving the value of teamwork, Luca fucks Joey next, slamming away at a very contented bottom. Into Luca slides Johnny, and now Luca takes over the scene as a back-and-forth machine of versatility. Lucky Joey plays cum receptacle for a very sizeable load from Johnny and an equally potent one from Luca before he finishes himself.

"That was amazing
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