Elder Sorensen - Washing & Anointing

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DescriptionCute Elder Sorensen has pounded some of the hottest guys in the mission, both fellow missionaries his own age and even an older man, Bishop Angus.

Every time he slips his dick in another man’s hole and hears them gasp and moan as he lets loose and goes wild, he wonders what it would feel like to let himself be fucked.

But he’s never let anyone else inside his hole, and he’s not sure he’s ready for the experience.

The Order thinks it’s nearly time that the handsome boy advance his sexual education and learn the intense pleasure of giving your hole to another man.

They have called Bishop Angus to get the boy ready to take the next step in his journey toward manhood and membership in their secret ranks.

Teasing a boy’s hole with the threat of penetration is the bishop’s favorite way to stimulate and prepare a boy’s ass.

The goal is to make a boy desperate with lust and make him beg for a cock to be buried deep inside him.

And it’s only right that Bishop Angus receive the invitation to prepare the way for the boy to get thoroughly fucked. After all, he had been Elder Sorensen’s first older conquest, and he had enjoyed offering his butt up to the boy.

In a small ordinance room, the bishop has pulled aside the boy’s scant clothing and rimmed the boy’s unbelievably tight anus.

Bishop Angus isn’t sure he’s ever seen that hole’s equal. Smooth, nearly hairless and pink, he couldn’t imagine a hotter hole even in his dreams.

Licking that hole, and hearing the boy’s irrepressible whimpers, had given the bishop a massive boner.

He would like nothing more than to bury it up to the balls in that delicious ass, but he too must abide by the decisions of The Order. It’s not the time or place to take the boy’s anal virginity — though he knows that will happen very soon.

But the bishop isn’t disappointed. Rubbing his thick cock between the boy’s firm cheeks, pressing it against his supple hole, is intensely pleasurable. The tip of his cock is slick with his juice.

Difficult as it is, he resists the temptation to sink his dick into the hole. Instead he explores every centimeter of its pink circumference, waking Elder Sorensen up to the joy of receiving

The bishop closes his eyes and pictures his member fully inserted in the boy, he imagines pressing his full weight down on him.

Elder Sorensen has started to press his ass back into the man’s erection. It won’t be long now before his hole swallows up its first dick.

The thought pushes the bishop right over the edge. He puts a big hand on the boy’s slender back and pushes him down, readying the hole to take a hot white load.
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