[Color Ink Corp]Solo Boys 9

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Color Ink Corp., which produces the skin magazine Allboy, has just released the ninth in a series of solo jerkoff videos. This installment features seven young models of varied stature. The uncredited editing and videography are adequate; the sound recording is not. (You may wonder what critter is scratching around in your speakers.) Top billing goes to Allboy cover model Sammy Case, a long-limbed, 18-year-old blond from South Florida, but the first and best segment belongs to A.J. Gunn, an articulate, angel-faced Brit who's a born exhibitionist. Working up to his on-camera wank, he comments on his body ("I got a little bit of a six-pack goin' on") and other matters ("I like these pants because of the air flow"). Gunn, who says he's "very toppy," flirts with viewers as he strokes his meaty, uncut cock. Case's scene appears to stall out until a naked man whose face is kept out of the frame shows up briefly to get blown. Among the other models, only Dakota, a dominant top who says he longs to be dominated, makes a strong impression. Climaxing as he reclines on a sofa, he plays with his spooge, tastes a few gobs, and then shoots a second, more copious load.


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