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William Higgins - Zdenek Zimola and Mirek Spirik

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Mirek Spirik is a cheerful newcomer who we paired with the ever reliable Zdenek Zimola. The scene starts with Mirek in the shower, his hairy ass in clear view. He is washing himself as Zdenek arrives and also steps into the shower. Zdenek begins to pay a lot of attention to Mirek, and rather than washing himself he starts to play with his cock, soon getting it very hard. Not embarassed about showing his hard cock Zdenek offers to was Mirek's back for him. But that is shortlived as Zdenek turns Mirek around and starts to wash his chest. Mirek takes hold of Zdenek's hard cock and begins to wank it. Zdenek soaps his hands and begins to wash Mirek's cock and balls. The guys then start to kiss each other and Zdenek turns Mirek around so he can get a good look at his ass. He then stands in the corner, with his hard cock sticking out and pulls Mirek too him, pushing him down to his knees. Mirek takes hold of Zdenek's cock and starts to suck it. He kisses the shaft and takes the head in his mouth, sucking it nice and deep. Zdenek direct Mirek in what he wants, and his cock throbs as Mirek sucks it. Zdenek waves it in Mirek's face as well and then moves him over to the corner and goes down on his cock. Zdenek is an expert cocksucker and soon Mirek is rock hard too. Zdenek has further ideas and leads Marek out of the shower and onto a bed, so that they can 69. Zdenek is on the bottom, with Mirek atop him as they suck each other, and before the move and Mirek lays on his stomach, presenting his ass for Zdenek to rim. He spreads Mirek's cheeks and his tongue laps at that tight hole. Mirek loves the feeling of tongue on his ass and moans as his hole is rimmed. Zdenek is ready for more though and soon slips his throbbing cock into Mirek's ass. Mirek is on his knees, with Zdenek's dick sliding in and out of his hole, and he pushes back to get more of it. Zdenek speeds up, fucking as deep as he can. Then they change position, so that Mirek can sit his ass on Zdenek's upright dick. Mirek rides up and down on that cock, taking it deep in his ass, his tight ring grabbing the dick as he rides. Another change of position with Zdenek fucking Mirek in missionary, his legs spread wide and his eager hole open for that cock. He wanks on his cock as Zdenek plows his ass. Mirek is so hard he wants to cum and Zdenek moves over to his face and wanks himself as Mirek shoots a nice big load. That is enough to set Zdnenek off too and his cum spurts out of his cock, all over Mirek's face and the bed. Mirek's face is coated in creamy cum and he takes the cock in his mouth to drain the last of it. What a lovely scene with Zdenek showing us what a good top he can be. Mirek was great too, taking it all and lapping it up.

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