Str8 soldier destroyed

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DescriptionStr8 soldier is captured by enemy and taken to a torture chamber. His beautiful manly body is spread-eagled, his hands tied high above his head. He awaits his destiny, but stands proudly and show no fear. But, it is totally futile. His captor is determined to destroy the muscle stud, not in effort to get information, but from sheer pleasure. The str8 guy is electrocuted, first lightly then stronger and stronger, he squezees his teeth in pain, struggles, flex his muscles, trying to endure... But the torturing continues with such strength that the soldier literally cries in agony, he opens his mouth widely and sreams his lungs out! He is in exchrusiating pain, he struggles violantly and desperately, his manly howls and cries are heard outside the torture chamber. The beautiful manly tough guy, being subjected to the torture beyond his ability to endure... The captor continues to electrocute the soldier, enjoying every second of his nightmare, and just increasing the voltage every minute! The poor str8 guy looses conscious, and weakly drops to the floor... He has been totaly destroyed. Now, the captors can do whatever they want with his defenceless muscular body...
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