[KO East] Telling Real Molest Experiences

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Description[chapter 01]
Something is wrong with the vehicle on the way back from club activities ... nobody helps us ....
But the erection does not stop. It is embarrassing but a reaction that will react ○ School student.
[Chapter 02]
First time living alone, a suddenly visited life insurance salesman.
Because it is a little type, let me drink sleeping pills and mischief ... it is strange ... something.
I am getting sleepy! The excitement can not stop on the reverse sales of a salesman!
[Chapter 03]
A senior who is longing for sleeping alone and a healthcare room just for two people. There is no teacher, no one has seen ....
The desire of the junior who wants to see seniors' nasty appearance will not fit ....
[Chapter 04]
Junior of the same university one down. I have never talked, but I am cute and cute.
The moment I thought that I could not notice it when approaching ... I was aware of it in reality! I was
hit by a junior and had sensitivity MAX. Actual experience that happened in a library of a famous university.
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