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DescriptionModel Photos - Christian Elliot

College student Christian Elliot is a sexy, confident twink who likes to expose his sweet hole and play with his uncut cock.
Release Date: 06/01/2015

Featuring: Christian Elliot

Model Photos & VIDEO - Boris Fjodorow, Antonin Makarow and Dima Cerny

It’s a beautiful day and the glorious weather has brought the people out in droves. Boris Fjodorow, Antonin Makarow, and Dima Cerny are among them. There’s only one problem, at least for this group of friends. The spring like weather’s got the twinks horny! Then again, they’re twinks. What doesn’t make a twink horny? The threesome wanders through the grounds of a public park until they find a secluded spot, away from prying eyes. There, boyfriends Antonin and Boris start making out while dark-haired Dima looks on with obvious desire. Blond Boris gives Antonin a sweet, hot blowjob that’ll make your cock throb. Dima joins his hot twink buddies and sucks them both. Antonin is soon skewered between Dima and his blond boyfriend, fucked bareback until they all blow big loads of twink spunk.
Release Date: 06/02/2015

Featuring: Antonin Makarow, Boris Fjodorow

Model Photos - Robin Few

Smooth jock twink Robin Few has 6-pack abs and a big uncut dick for a tight and hungry hole!
Release Date: 06/05/2015

Featuring: Robin Few

Model Photos - Nick Daniels

Good looking and dark-haired twink Nick Daniels has a thing for kink, fetish, and all things bareback as long as he's the one getting stuffed full of cock and getting seeded!
Release Date: 06/08/2015

Featuring: Nick Daniels

Model Photos & VIDEO - Simon Clay and Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks needs a massage and he needs it quick. Like all techno savvy twinks, Sam’s first step is to go online. There, he finds Simon Clay, a tall, slender and ethereal beauty who arrives as quickly as possible. Except once he gets there, it’s obvious the type of massage Sam needs. Simon gets to work, oiling up the naked twink’s ass and playing with his large, uncut and curved cock, paying special close attention to Sam’s big balls. After rubbing cocks together, Simon then gets into a 69 position and it’s a cocksucker’s delight as Simon and Sam devour each other. Soon, Simon spits into the delectable morsel that is Sam’s asshole, rims the cock hungry twink, and slides his dick home. Sam turns into a moaning whore of a bottom as Simon pumps him full of raw dick and barebacks his sweet hole. Sam then straddles Simon and rides him, his own stiff huge cock bouncing up and down. Taking control once more, Simon gets Sam to lay on his side and plunges into the twink. We get some hot and horny close-ups of Sam getting stuffed as Simon unloads inside Sam, breeding his gaping fuckhole. Sam then blows his wad all over his belly, leaving it for Simon to lap up and clean him off.
Release Date: 06/09/2015

Featuring: Sam Brooks, Simon Clay

Model Photos - Patrik

Sexy muscle jock twink Patrik shows off smooth body, exposes pink hole and strokes uncut cock while posing his tattoos
Release Date: 06/12/2015

Featuring: Patrik

Model Photos - Pierre

Tall and slender, Pierre is a long-haired twink with an uncut cock who enjoys getting sucked and doing 69 with massage clients before flip fucking bareback.
Release Date: 06/15/2015

Featuring: Pierre

Model Photos & VIDEO - Randy Scott and Samuel Hoffmann

Randy Scott and Samuel Hoffman have dreams of one day making it to the Olympics and winning medals in gymnastics. Deep down, though, both know the only Olympics they’re good at — and we mean really, REALLY good — is sex. Bareback sex. Still, it doesn’t cost to dream and dreams can be exciting, as these twinks prove. Samuel hasn’t had cock for a while and is soon on his knees, sucking Randy’s uncut piece. Randy quickly returns the favor, sucking Samuel and making out with him so they can both taste Sam’s cock. Hungry to taste all of him, Randy then shoves his long, pointed tongue in Samuel’s hairy crack, rimming the slender, tattooed twink ruffian. But it’s Randy who gets fucked, like he always does, taking it deep and taking it raw. The bareback bottom then gets on his back, legs up and spread wide, while Samuel gets into position, sliding home and pumping away while stroking Randy’s cock. After a while, Randy straddles Samuel, riding until he gets the cum fucked right out of him. Samuel then rewards Randy with a huge splatter of jizz all across his face!
Release Date: 06/16/2015

Featuring: Randy Scott, Samuel Hoffman

Model Photos - Nick Gill

Smooth, slender twink Nick Gill has a thing for fetish, sexy lingerie, and giving other twinks a massage.
Release Date: 06/19/2015

Featuring: Nick Gill

Model Photos - Thomas Fiaty

Slender smooth blond twink Thomas Fiaty has a big curved uncut cock always ready for sex outdoors and bareback fucking!
Release Date: 06/22/2015

Featuring: Thomas Fiaty

Model Photos & VIDEO - Daniel Woods, Paul Blow and Christian Elliot

Daniel Woods, Paul Blow and Christian Elliot are avid skateboarders. After a particularly exhilarating morning, the three take a break in a secluded basement warehouse. There, the twinks are soon stripped down and take turns sucking big uncut cock. It doesn’t take long for blond Paul to straddle Daniel and ride him raw while Christian offers him more dick to suck. Watching Paul isn’t just horny…it’s downright mesmerizing as he bounces up and down, his fat cock swinging like a pendulum. Makes you wish you were there to grab hold and chow down! Paul then flips onto his back so Daniel can really plow into him, fucking the bareback twink as deep as he can. Daniel and Christian spit-roast the cock hungry bottom before Christian finally decides he wants a piece of the action. But instead of tag team fucking Paul, Christian works his uncut cock into Daniel who, at this point, is in ecstasy! Daniel eventually lays on his back, side by side with Paul, while Christian fucks one, then the other bareback twink cock whore, until fresh, hot jizz flies everywhere!
Release Date: 06/23/2015

Featuring: Christian Elliot, Daniel Woods

Model Photos - Tom Smith

Like your twink on the edge of becoming a hunk of a man? Then cocky Tom Smith is the right guy for you. This guy's got major swagger and though blond, Tom's got dark, brooding good looks, an incredible body and a mouth watering cock!
Release Date: 06/26/2015

Featuring: Tom Smith
Model Photos - Johnny Hill

When dark-haired twink Johnny Hill isn't at school, work, or filming porn, he enjoys being outdoors naked with his boyfriend. When his boyfriend isn't there, he likes to show off. Wanna watch him strip down?
Release Date: 06/29/2015

Featuring: Johnny Hill

Model Photos & VIDEO - Robin Few, Nick Daniels, Patrik, Pierre and Nick Gill

After collaring Nick Daniels, Robin Few calls his buddies over for a bit of fun. Nick is all cocky, offering up his dick while the twinks share a cigarette. And why not? Nick’s got a sweet piece and Robin figures it can’t do any harm, especially since he knows what Nick’s in for. Nick is soon on his knees chowing down on Robin’s uncut cock but Robin gets Nick on his back, legs up in the air. He rims that sweet pink before sliding his raw tool into the bareback bottom twink’s pliable and willing fuckhole. Robin pumps away, filling Nick full of cock and giving the whore exactly what he loves. When Nick Gill shows up — the first guest to arrive — Robin gives up his place so Nick can have a go. Now the bottom twink slave is spit-roasted! Pierre shows up next and takes a turn at Nick. With one dick up his ass and two in his face, Daniels isn’t lacking for cock. In fact, he gets used fore and aft, the way he enjoys being used...without discrimination, taking on all fuckers. However, when Patrik shows up, delicious and sexy in leather chaps, it’s clear he’s the Alpha of the group. Patrik — who some might know as Martin Love — enjoys sharing sluts with his friends and after they’ve all had a go, each twink unloads with thick heavy cream that splatters all over Daniels' ass, with some in his hole. When they’re done with the collared slave, they roll him over and he shoots a big load that Robin and Pierre eat and share.
Release Date: 06/30/2015

Featuring: Nick Daniels, Nick Gill


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