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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-07 |
Director: Matt Sterling

Performer             Role
Dick Bateman head coach
Glen Norris free safety
Jack Hardman flanker
Jim Laird             quarterback
Mike Savage
Rick Logan asst. coach
Rod Furman tight end
Steve McCormick linebacker
Tom Kline             center

Setting: football field and locker room
Performers: Eight participants, ranging in probable age from early 20's to late 20's or early 30's. They feature excellent torso, shoulder development, and most have trim, narrow waists – exception is "Rick Logan", who is very small and boyish compared to the others.
Action Sequence: Reel 1 - uniformed players run from tunnel and are introduced with sub-titles. Practice session starts with six players, Coach Bateman and Rick Logan. Cut to locker room, players stip off protective gear, peel jocks, and either show hard or start stroking them up. Some mutual masturbation, then a genuine circle jerk on the floor, then pair off & start to suck when Bateman walks in and breaks it up, sends them to the showers - Kline stays back and turns the Coach on.
Reel 2 - Kline sucks the coach and everyone else come back and gets it on, sucking in pairs. The scene cuts back and forth from the locker room to the football field, with analogies of calisthenics to sexual positions, etc. Rick Logan gets rimmed, then turns over to screw, ends up getting balled on the floor, someone else balled kneeling in the background.
Reel 3 - more alternating from field scrimmage to locker room scrimmage, Logan on his knees on the end of a bench, mounted from the rear and sucking another in front of him. A line sits on the bench keeping hard, apparently waiting for a crack at Logan. A double fuck scene, one guy balling Logan being balled by a third. A couple of climaxes in this reel.
Reel 4 - more mounting of Rick, including the Coach himself. Several more climax, then we see Rick on a bench by himself beating off, action flashes - a day dream?
Special Collection Notes: comparatively complex plot integration with sports based orgy.
Rating: the color and technical quality are excellent, and the problems of a massive cast neatly handled on a compact set. Some of the nude scenes are hard to follow without the players' numbers, at least with only a few viewings. Technical achievement is most notable aspect of the film. see also
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