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[BG EAST]AJ Lyle vs Skrapper

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionSerious Surcharge For Single Occupancy...

After a very impressive debut on Wrestleshack 12, AJ returns to the BG East with a healing black eye and horny head full of steamy confidence ready to showcase his skills as one of BG East's top 'tough guys'. Let that black eye be a warning! AJ is the hot college roommate you day-dreamed, but were too afraid to say anything to, sneaking furtive glances when he came out of the shower. He's the one that would come home late at night, making all sorts of noise, daring you to say something just so he'd have a reason to kick your ass. But given the right moment and the right amount of intoxication, he just might lay back and let you admire him close up because he knows how hot he is.

This is exactly what takes place here as our hunky hero interrupts Skrapper's beauty sleep. Sleeping accommodations at one of BGE's slumber party / wrestlefests is always at a premium. Seniority (and fealty to The Boss) will pretty much guarantee you one of the choicer guests rooms but relative newbies like Skrapper and AJ might find themselves sleeping in the ring or in the mat room, AKA "Grotto". If you like it dark and quiet as a womb, with ready access to mats should the opportunity, ahem, arise, then the Grotto is ideal for you. Skrapper claimed it. AJ wants it. AJ demands Skrapper give up his mattress. "I'm bigger than you!" he barks at the leaner grapple boy, who to his own credit, is quite the accomplished BG East veteran, having taken and given his licks to more than a handful of fighters, including some nearly twice his size like Brook Stetson! That may explain Skrapper's righteously indignant behavior as he tells the bigger man to get lost. Oh my!

AJ looks stunned! It's clear that he's not accustomed to being told where to go! He briefly considers his options, and then chooses the most direct and action oriented one to effect the change he presently desires. Twisting Skrapper's wrist he yanks him out of the warm comfort of his bed - quite literally a rude awakening! The bed battle is on!
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