♺ Bangin Both Ends 2

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Original upload: 2021-07-21 14:47:28 |
Starring:  Buddy Davis , Daxx Matthews , Micah Brandt, Christian Sharp , Brandon Kent , Chris Rockway, Sean Everett , Trent Davis, Ryan Rockford, Benjamin Bradley, Max Cruz , Dallas Evans

Director:  Jeremy Lucido Nick Leoni

Okay, tell me this doesn't really happen. A few buddies are hanging out, throwing back some beers, watching some porn and suddenly someone whips out their cock. And after one does it, they all eventually fall into place. What guys do when they're alone that they never tell their friends about is the subject of many fantasies and was the subject of our hit video, Bangin' Both Ends. And since our collection of hungry hole action shots was so huge, we decided to revisit the scene in Bangin' Both Ends 2.

When Benjamin Bradley and Sean Everett wake up hung over from a wild night on the town they find that they somehow picked up a third. And what a great surprise to find that third to be none other than Trent Davis. We'd love to call this a really wild three-way but they keep changing positions and going back for more, so it has to be something like a nine-way or ten-way orgy! And I what better way to get rid of a hangover than to be the meat in a hunk sandwich involving any of these three studs.

Brandon Kent has that adorable face and those puppy dog eyes but his body is so manly, lightly hairy and so well built. And Dallas Evans just gets more and more wild in every video he does. And Micah Brandt not only brings his full game to the mix, he also gets Brandon and Dallas super horny with his excellent cocksucking skills.

And our final video shows you what the infamous "casting couch" is like when three hot and horny guys will do anything to get a part in one of TV's biggest reality shows. Brandon Kent, Chris Rockway and Christian Sharp are all hoping to get a part in the show but casting agent Ryan Rockford will only give them a part if they give it up to him. Chris Rockway gives Ryan a face full of cock while Brandon and Christian use their incredible bodies and sexual heat to put on such a show that Ryan will forget all about the cock that is tickling his tonsils. Brandon works on Christians cock, proving he's learned a thing or two from his buddies. Then he flips over so Christian can dive face first into his hungry hole. It's not long before the two couples join and become one huge orgy as Brandon rams the fuck out of Ryan, who's busy sucking off Chris as he blows Christian. And that's just the beginning.

There's also a really hot bonus scene featuring Christian Sharp, Daxx Matthews, Buddy Davis and Max Cruz. And while it's not hardcore, you can't pass up a chance to see these four gorgeous men in a sexy circle jerk.
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