Colby's Crew - Dirk Caber & Jackson Grant - Pleasing the Boss

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DescriptionColby's Crew - Dirk Caber & Jackson Grant - Pleasing the Boss

Jackson Grant’s skills as a laborer are somewhat dubious. Frustrated, he’s cursing his way about, trying to fix Mr. Caber’s old water heating system. The kid fumbles with his tools as he can’t seem to get anything right. It’s obvious that Dirk Caber’s hiring abilities are as doubtful as the kid’s abilities for manual labor are.

When the hairy and bearded Caber arrives in the basement, he complains that the rattled kid hasn’t finished the job. He’s needed upstairs in an hour! Grilling his laborer for not knowing his ass from a hole in the ground, Jackson struggles to defend himself and wonders why Mr. Caber hired him. That’s when the owner admits that his hiring process wasn’t solely based and the boy’s skill set… or at least his manual labor skills. He admitted hiring him because of the kid’s studly look. Jackson is surprised.

Indeed, Jackson seems far more adept at seducing Dirk Caber than fixing his pipes…. As they kiss, his confidence seems to be building. This is when he offers Dirk to show him what he’s really good at. Soon, he’s on his knees pumping Dirk’s blood-engulfed pipe. Jackson is proving to be quite adept at this type of pipe-fixin’. He’s moaning while sucking a grinning and groaning Dirk Caber. Jackson is now definitely getting the job done! After a generous serving of Jackson’s cock sucking abilities, Dirk strips the kid’s overalls and kneels down to give him a very talented blow job. Jackson’s cock is as stiff as the piping against the basement wall. Caber squeezes and munches on his young laborer’s sizeable balls, while pinching his hard nips. Dirk then wants a view of the kid’s backside. Jackson turns and leans into the open ladder, allowing an ass-hungry Dirk to rim his boy’s hairy asshole. Jackson is in heaven, pleading for Dirk to continue his skillful tongue work. The kid is squirming and moaning like a bitch in heat, egging Dirk on.

The boss then gets up and plows his fat cock into a pleading Jackson. As the kid gets his ass fully filled, he wants more, much more. And Dirk gives it to him. The hairy kid is now in his element knowing he was hired to service Mr. Caber with what he knows best. And, the owner is certainly pleased with his recruitment effort. The fucking keeps going as Dirk sits on the ladder step and the kid backs his ass right in. He’s moaning and groaning, and begging for more of Dirk’s fat cock in his ass. Finally, Jackson is instructed to lean up against the wall and brace the piping. As the bearded owner fucks his ass silly, the kid rips out a load of spunk, shooting it across the basement floor. Then, Dirk pulls out and jerk offs while Jackson gets on his knees and shoves his open mouth within inches of his boss’ hard cock, waiting to lap up the juicy load that erupts moments later.
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