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Grown men get right down to it in four standard suck-and-fuck scenes sharply videographed and efficiently edited. There's not a lot of romance here as adults variously big and bald, tiny and wiry, half-bald and hairy, bearded and bear-y, but all definitely after cock and cornhole, kiss a little, suck a lot, and fuck fiercely.

In scene one, a tiny, big-eyed bottom takes tool for a while, then says, "My turn," and bends his big, bald fucker over to cram cock in him, but has problems and again bends himself to be boned some more.

"Wanna fool around" is all a goateed cowboy has to say to a balding, hairy-chested buddy after they're both turned-on watching rodeo riders. The buddy bangs the cowboy's clean-shaven crotch with businesslike concentration from back and front. They both shoot clear to Cowboy's tits.

A tall blond just says to a smaller one (both fur-chested and built), "Wanna fuck?" and they start sucking each other with no great results, but eventually Tall gets Smaller spread wide and front- and rear-fucks him with hard-breathing passion. Smaller cums semi-soft, then Tall lets loose on him with a sizable load.

A tall, gangly shave-head plays "boy" for a hunky, elaborately-tattooed bear-daddy. They swap noisy cock-sucks. Daddy likes cock in his throat and his thumb up an asshole. Gangly fucks him, as ordered. They have the only hairy holes in the movie. The camera pays a lot of attention to Gangly's as he fucks Daddy's. Then Gangly sucks and fingers Daddy's slushy fuck hole and fucks it some more! They take turns masturbating while getting deep-fingered by each other. Gangly goes through erotic, leg-waving spasms working for his wad.
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