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Plain Wrapped Video - Call To Arms (Fisting, Dildos, etc )

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Your country calls - it's time to do your duty! So step right up today and support your right to bury arms (and anything else within reach) deep inside the nearest needy patriot! Witness new enlistee Jordan West undergo a manditory head shaving at the hands of Corporal Beau Saxon and then take his first dildo (ever) up his innocent hole! Duck and cover as private Frank Sylvano takes a pounding from a barrage of hole-seeking missiles; and, if you're man enough for it, hold on as John Ferage sits all the way down on the biggest dildos and butt plugs ever made before taking a salute up to the elbow!

Featuring: Beau Saxon, Batboy, Kenny Ford, Jordan West, John Ferage, Frank Sylvano, Wolff, Rob Harris

Length:1hr 30min

Themes: Anal, Bondage, Buttplay, Dildos, Double Penetration, Fisting, Group Sex, Hairy, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos

Scene 1
Sergeant Kenny Ford gets on all fours and orders Wolff to feed a huge dildo into his demanding hole. Wolff takes care of his Sgt.'s hole from behind until Ford gets up on his haunches and rides the dildo up and down on top of a desk in front of the young pup, who whips Ford's smooth ass with his hand. Once Ford's hole is sufficiently opened, Wolff takes matters into his own hands, grabbing his superior's posterior and forcing his fist inside. He works the Sgt's hole until he's had enough, tosses the gloves onto Ford's ass and walks out while the commanding officer barks after him, "come back here, I'm not through with you!"

Scene 2
It's clean-up time for hunk Jordan West, who gets not only a buzzcut from studly Beau Saxon, but an ass-shaving as well. "Just relax," Saxon says as West offers his hole for a smoothing. Once that's all taken care of, Saxon begins working his fingers into West's freshly sheened hole, tugging on the young recruit's balls at the same time. In no time, Saxon's got four fingers inside West, and a fat dildo soon follows. West takes it like a pro, grinding his bum up and down on the rubber dong for all he's worth. After a while of this, West flips over so that Saxon can dildo-fuck him from a new position--with West reduced to a whimpering little boy. West spews white-hot cum out of his piss-slit while he wails out loud.

Scene 3
It's feeding time at the barracks and Frank Sylvano has one hungry butt. After going into his locker and pulling out a mammoth ridged dildo nearly two feet in length, he sucks on it while he reaches around and plays with his hole, showing his pink pucker. Then he slowly sits down on it, taking as much of it up his ass as he can while he works his nips. Flipping over, he lies on his back and feeds his hungry hole a dildo with ridges down the length of it, taking almost the whole thing! Finally, he strokes himself to a geyser-like climax of jizz.

Scene 4
Some guys can take just about anything up their butts. Case in point: Batboy, who literally plunges his hole with a monstrously huge black dildo. His hole is so cavernous that the thing practically just falls right in. The sounds coming from the gaping orifice of this pig are otherworldly. He sits up and rides the toy for a minute, then resumes his ass-up position and drops the thing in his slot with little to no effort. The scene fades out because, apparently, this hole never gets worn out!

Scene 5
As if Frank Sylvano's hole didn't get enough action in scene 3, he's back for more in a hot scene with studly fuckers Rob Harris and John Ferage. These two barge into Sylvano's barracks and immediately start to fingerfuck the beautiful Latino's ass, readying it for another dose of the extra-large dong from before. Lifting Sylvano's legs and ass high into the air, the two vindictive cadets "punish" Sylvano's hole with sinister glee, slapping it across his round butt cheeks and then brutally shoving the thing into Sylvano's hungry hole. Turning Sylvano over onto his back, they use a military rifle to hold his legs back while they plunge an even bigger black dildo into him. They then make him fuck himself with the dong as Harris stands over him and strokes his cock while Sylvano licks his balls. Finally, Harris blows a beautiful load onto Sylvano's hairy chest.

Scene 6
Batboy is back again--only this time he's out to prove that he doesn't need another man to give him what he needs. He can take care of his own wants, thank you, and he shows it by fisting himself! With his butt up in the air, he works his own hand up into his canal over and over. He continues by grabbing a baseball bat and working it in and out of his gaping butthole until he's taken almost the entire length!

Scene 7
There's even more dildo play in this scene, in which studly John Ferage climbs on top of another huge black dildo and rides it for all he's worth while the beautiful Beau Saxon supervises and assists. Eventually, the dildo is replaced by a butt plug, then by Saxon's fists, which he alternates fucking Ferage's hole with before working the entire length of his forearm up there as well. Ferage turns over onto his back and puts his legs way up in the air so that Saxon can fist him with both hands at the same time!

Scene 8
Batboy just can't find enough things to put into his hole. This time out he finds a length of chain to insert into his chute. You can hear the clinking of the metal as each link disappears inside him. Finally he lets go and drops the whole thing in, forcing him to fist fuck himself again to fish it out! You still hear the chain rattling around at the bottom of his bottomless pit as his ass writhes from side to side.

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