Black Sex Party 1 FILMCO precondom

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DescriptionBlack Sex Party 1 FILMCO precondom

Alan Ridgley
Darryl Arnold
David Watson
Dennis Johnson 
Gordon Russell
Michael Alviso
Rico Vanross
T.J. Swan
Torey Bell

1. Alan Ridgley OgAt, David Watson OrAb, Torey Bell Or
David Watson wants to move out from his parent's home and get his own apartment. He doesn't quite have enough money saved up yet, so he drives up to visit his rich uncle to see if he will let him stay in one of his apartments for a few months. As David drives up the long driveway he sees Uncle Al busy polishing his Rolls Royce. David asks his uncle if he could stay in one of his apartments for a few months until he can afford to start paying rent. His uncle suggests they go into the garage and talk about it. In the garage. Al tells David that he has always been one of his favorite nephews. Al tells David to strip, then gets down on his knees and sucks on David's hard cock, then licks his large balls all over. Al looks up and sees his houseboy, Torey, peeking through the door, getting turned on. Al tells him to come in, strip down and join in. Soon Al is busy sucking on the hard cocks of both guys. Al then tells David he wants to fuck his pretty tender ass. Torey, the smartass houseboy says. "Yeah, I'd like to see that, go ahead boss, and fuck him real good." At first David has a hard time taking his uncle's big cock, but realizes he better if he wants that apartment. David relaxes and is soon able to take his uncle's big cock. Uncle Al fucks David in several positions. Torey gets so excited watching that he shoots a big load, cumming all over David. Al then pulls out and cums all over David. Al then makes David jack off in front of him. After David cums, Uncle Al is satisfied, and gives David the key to one of his apartments, but tells David he will becoming over to visit him from time to time.

2. David Watson AtRr, T.J. Swan AbRg
A few Jays later — David drives over to his new apartment. The minute David gets inside he calls his best friend T.J. to come over to see his new place. Alter taking a shower David lays down to rest and wait for his friend to arrive. Soon T.J. comes in. T.J. sits down on the bed with David. Alter many beers David reaches under his bed and pulls out his girlfriend's dildo to show T.J.. T.J. says that it's really his dildo and would like to see if David can actually put the big dildo in David's own ass. David slowly puts the big dildo in his ass. moving it in and out very slowly. T.J. gets turned on watching and is soon playing with his own big cock After a while David takes the dildo out and the guys are both sucking on each others big hard cocks. T.J. then tells David that he has a real pretty ass and that he wants to fuck him, since both guys have really had a lot of beer by this time David does not resist. T.J. kisses David's ass to relax him even more, then T.J. sticks his big cock up into David who cries out in pain. T.J. has to take it easy so he won't hurt his friend. T. J. fucks David in several positions, including having David actually sit down on his own big
cock. After more hard tucking T.J. pulls out and shoots a big load all over David. David is so excited that he comes at the same time also. After this wild sex session David goes to the liquor store leaving T.J. alone to rest.

3. Dennis Johnson (black) Org, David Watson Org
Soon there is a knock at the door. It's Dennis Johnson a bodybuilder bully. Dennis is proud of his body and is always bragging and showing off. While waiting for David to comeback. Dennis strips down to show off for T.J.. T.J. thinks his body looks just as good so he strips down and poses for Dennis. Dennis gets mad and grabs T.J. to show him that he is stronger. The two musclebound guys fall to the bed in a hard wrestling match. After the match, T.J. calls and orders a pizza. The two guys rest in bed. The loser of the match has to give the winner a blowjob and cum on his face and mouth. The loser ends up cumming on the other guy, too. A really hot scene with two muscular guys; lots of ass licking, too

4. T.J. Swan Or, Dennis Johnson (black) Or, Gordon Russell OgAb, David Watson OrAb
Soon the pizza boy arrives. T.J. lets him in, and since he is cute, T.J. invites him to stay and eat with them. Dennis and T.J. are both still horny so they strip the pizza boy and let him suck them both off. At first the kid has trouble putting T.J.'s big cock in his mouth but after a few tries he manages, when T.J. grabs his head and shoves it in. Soon T.J. cums all over the pretty boys face. Dennis then cums on the kids face, too. Dennis and T.J. then sit down on the bed with Gordon the pizza boy to rest. Just as T.J. and Dennis are trying to talk Gordon into letting them fuck him David comes in and is mad as hell. He kicks Dennis and T.J. out, but lets Gordon stay. David cleans up the mess then sits dawn to visit with Gordon. Soon Gordon is sucking on David's big cock, then the guys go into a hot 69 session. David then pulls out a big two-headed dildo. He has Gordon stick one end in his ass and the other end in Gordon's own ass. David then grabs the dildo in the middle and slowly moves it back and forth, one end of the big dildo in David's ass and the other end in Gordon's ass. Both guys put one hand on the dildo and their other hand on their hard cocks. After a while David takes the dildo out of their asses, and Gordon cums all over David's ass. Gordon sucks David off. Gordon gets dressed, promises to come back, then leaves. David then goes to sleep. A really wild scene with two guys using a big two-headed dildo at the same time,

5. David Watson OrgAbRr, Rico Vanross OrgAtRg, Darryl Arnold Org, Michael Alviso
Today is David's birthday He is sleeping late. but when it's after 12 noon he decides he'd better get up. There is a knock at the door. He goes over and lets in his friends, Rico and Darryl. Rico has brought a birthday cake and Darryl has brought him some champagne Alter the guys have some cake and lots of champagne. Rico tells David that he wants to give him a birthday blowjob. Before long all three guys are sucking on each others big hard cocks The guys are really into each other when there is a knock at the door. Rico tells David to relax, that it's part of his birthday present. Rica lets in a dancer, a guy he had hired from the strip-o-gram service earlier in the day. Michael (the dancer) comes in and starts to dance for David. All 3 guys sit and watch and play with their cocks as they watch the dancer. As Michael dances he slowly takes off his clothes and throws them at the guys, who are really turned on by this time. As Michael strips, the guys see that he has a really big cock, and as Michael dances his cock swings from side to side. Michael then bends over and gives the guys a look at his asshole. Then Michael stands up and actually takes his big hard cock and twists it around and around, almost tying it in a knot. Michael then gets his cock hard again and this time he actually licks and sucks on big own cock. By this time Darryl, David and Rico are so excited they cum all over themselves. Michael they lays down on the bed and works his big cock, jacking off in front of the guys. After he has cum, Michael gets up and leaves. David, Rico and Darryl then go over to the bed to rest. But Rico is still horny and starts rubbing on David. Rico kisses and licks David's ass. Soon all 3 guys are in hot 3-way action. Rico fucks David doggy style while David sucks off Darryl who then cums all over David. Rico pulls out and cums all over David's butt. David then straddles Rico and cums all over his face. Rico is so turned on when David cums on his face that he cums again, shooting all over David's butt. Darryl and Rico stay in bed and rest while David goes into the bathroom to take a shower.

6. T.J. Swan OrRg, David Watson OgRr
An hour later T.J. comes over and kicks out Rico and Darryl. T.J. then goes into the bathroom and wakes up David. David then starts sucking on T. J.'s big cock, and T. J. says lets go into the bedroom. T. J. then licks David's ass. Then the two guys cum together.
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