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Scene 1. Brett Winters (top), Ethan Marc (bottom)
Scene 2. Brent Cross (top), Seth Black (bottom)
Scene 3. Jason Nikas (bottom), Jeff White (top)
Scene 4. Dino DiMarco (top), Eric St. Germain (bottom)
Scene 5. Blake Anderson (bottom), Wesley Parker [as K.C. Hart] (top)
Scene 6. Ethan Marc (bottom), Jeff White (top)

Director: John Travis
Length: 115 min
Format: AVI
File size: 734 MiB
Overall bit rate: 900 Kbps

From hxxp://www.studio2000video.com/tailspin/index.html:
    Tailspin is set toward the end of the 1950's and is the story of two guys, one from an affluent family and one from poverty. It all happens during that wonderful summer that follows high school graduation, and it's about cars, hangouts, love, music, group loyalty, pain, loss, growing up and, of course, it's about sex-way back then. If, when you watch Tailspin, you're reminded a bit of American Graffiti or of The Outsiders, that isn't an accident, for the video draws on these landmark films as well as personal experiences. We've been there and we've done that. Tailspin is the story American Graffiti couldn't tell, showing the things that The Outsiders didn't dare to show. Jeff White, the STUDIO 2000 exclusive with the high sexual energy, has the Ronnie Howard role in Tailspin. And his is an uncanny performance blending intense sex with perceptive acting. Playing opposite Jeff, in a variation of a Matt Dillon character, is Ethan Marc. In addition to an impressive acting talent, Marc brings a sexual power to his performance that will have your mouth watering and your dick painfully hard.
    Tailspin begins as Jeff and Ethan are climaxing a personal and private encounter in the back seat of Ethan's beat up Mercury. Ethan's encounter with Jeff has made him late for work as a carhop at the local Drive-In and, when his jalopy won't start, Jeff agrees to drop him off in his new Edsel convertible. At the Drive-In we capture a microcosm of the town. One section of the restaurant is occupied by a gang of greasers and their chicks; all leather, levis and greased up hair, with studied studly behavior covering hopeless lives without a future. Another section is filled by a more loosely structured (but equally rigid) group of the kids of the town's more affluent; a group that Jeff joins when he arrives. These guys tease Brent Cross about his playing around with the greasers just in order to get in some good wrestling workouts. When Ethan comes up to the table to take an order, Jeff fails to acknowledge him. Hurt, Ethan toughs it out, but this is the almost unnoticed beginning of trouble in paradise.
    After the Drive-In closes, Brett Winters, who covered for Ethan when he was late, presses for a sexual payback. Reluctant at first, Ethan recalls how Jeff cut him and decides that this form of payback is as good as any other. Somewhat mechanical at first, Ethan soon surrenders to the pleasures of the occasion, and the two men absorb each other's meat like a sword swallowing competition at a circus contest. Meanwhile, unaware of what he has set in motion, Jeff has gone out and gotten Ethan's car started. He brings it to the Drive-In and upon going in, discovers Ethan and Brett. He dashes out of the restaurant; throws the keys on the seat of Ethan's car and runs. Later, after the sex, when Ethan discovers his car, he knows the price of revenge.
    The next afternoon, Brent's workout with Seth Black turns from mat sports to mattress sports, as it has been doing all summer. Their sexual contest builds in pools of sweat to ball-busting climaxes that leave them both exhausted and fulfilled. To Seth it's just another way of getting your nut-and everyone needs that. To Brent it's a lot more, and it's painful to sustain his fantasy of the situation when faced with Seth's black reality.
    That evening a party at Jeff's home is in full swing. Jason Nikas, Jeff's good friend, joins Jeff on the balcony and complains that the girls are nothing but prick teasers who leave him with a hardon. Jeff observes that Jason always has a hardon. Jeff suggests they go down into the garden and do something about it. When Jason discovers exactly what Jeff has in mind, he is a most enthusiastic accomplice. While the beautiful party continues in the background, Jeff and Jason have their own hot little celebration.
    At the garage where Seth and some of the other greasers hang out, Eric St. Germain, an apprentice to the gang, is ineptly working on his junker. When garage manager Dino DiMarco points out that Eric is running up a bill and that a payment is due, Eric obliges. Young Eric may be an apprentice and an inept mechanic, but where sex is concerned he knows just the exact thing to do to get his partner squirming with intense pleasure. Before he is done, Dino's huge dong is expertly serviced and the bill liquidated.
    Another evening at the Drive-in. Jeff enters and, in a tense encounter with Ethan, demands that they meet and talk. Ethan agrees to meet him in the park as soon as he gets off work. Jeff heads out. The greasers who had been hanging around also cut out. Soon everyone is gone except K.C. Hart and Blake Anderson, the waiter who is closing up for the night. Blake locks the door and closes the blinds and then proceeds to show K. C. the time of his life.
    In the park, Ethan arrives to meet Jeff. They decide to do it. When Jeff asks which car, Ethan suggests a clearing he knows about. Off they go. Once in the clearing, the two boys make love. Each tries to put the best of himself into the lovemaking to try and heal the wounds of their worlds. It is a beautiful and memorable encounter, as draining emotionally as it is physically. While they're making love, Ethan's friends are taking Jeff's beautiful new car for a little joyriding of their own. When Jeff discovers that his car is gone, he also knows that Ethan had a part in it. He also realizes that the boy who has everything, can't have everything. And Ethan discovers that nothing kills the pain...not even revenge. Well, all that sounds pretty grim. But it just sounds that way. After all, this is a John Travis video and Mr. Travis isn't in the habit of disappointing his multitude of fans. With his considerable talent, John has succeeded in blending it all together using the drama, the comedy, the highjinks,  the emotions to create a sexual experience that, without shortchanging the power and the glory of standard sex shows, goes way beyond their limits resulting in an emotional experience with an inevitability that is overwhelming. Tailspin is a video destined to be near the top of anyone's shortlist of the best of the genre.

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