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Wrestling Nik Knox vs Braden Charron

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DescriptionBraden has attracted a lot of notice since his BGE debut?and not just from the fans. His handsome face, thick, chiseled muscular body and that oh-so-delectable ass have been hot topic for other wrestlers. ?Sure, he?s pretty, but can he wrestle?? has been debated around the locker room endlessly?but even the wins he?s racked up haven?t impressed some of the guys. ?Look at him,? Nik sneered after viewing Braden?s bashing of Conor McGlynn, ?sure, he can beat up some young punk who?s never stepped in a ring before?and that bikini? He?s more interested in showing off his ass than fighting. He isn't even worth suiting up for. When's he gonna fight someone who knows what the fuck he's doing??

?Knox is just a jealous jobber,? Braden sneered with all the arrogance of youth and beauty. ?He can run his mouth all he wants?let him step in the ring with ME!? Popping a double bicep pose, he went on, ?Look at these! He can't handle these! I?d kick his ass in no-time flat!? With a long-term contract finally in his grasp, Braden?s been mouthing off to anyone who?ll listen. ?I?m the star of this show now!?

Ah, youth. Nik loves beating respect into his opponents, and he?s mean as a snake. ?Tell that pussy muscle boy to make sure his insurance is paid up,? was all he said when he signed on the dotted line, ?cuz he is going to fucking need it.?

Braden makes sure he is wearing the skimpiest trunks he owns for his match with the Jersey thug?arrogantly flexing his thick muscles as Nik approaches the ring. The two men show off their muscles to each other in a pre-match pose down! Ring the bell!Braden?s more than just a pretty face who?s spent a lot of time in the gym. He's an icon to some, a full-fledged muscle god to others. But to Nik he's just another pretty boy wanna be wrestler who needs to be put in his place - under Nik's boot!

The two circle and tie up a few times, with neither getting any decent advantage on the other. Nik finally challenges the muscle stud to a strength test and muscles pop as the two maneuver to see who is stronger?first one, then the other is in control. Pity poor Braden?his youth and inexperience are no match for the devious mind of Nik! A few carefully placed stomps, and the beat down is on!

?Time for a lesson,? Nik sneers as he tosses Braden into a corner and starts beating on the ripped abs of the young stud. He treats himself to a few taunting poses while Braden tries to compose himself in the corner, but when Nik launches himself at Braden, no one?s there! Braden launches his own offensive on the experienced pro stud! But Nik isn?t about to let this kid beat him, and pulls out his own equalizer?the low blow?and Braden is screaming as Nik puts him through some brutal torturous moves. Nik starts having a little bit of fun at Braden?s expense. No body part is too sacred, no move too cruel for Nik?and those ropes were just put there for chokes!

How much can Braden take? Nik is determined to find out what the beefy muscle boy is made of. Braden keeps fighting on, showing there?s a wrestler?s heart under all that muscle?until finally, that big, beautiful body is beaten, battered and broken, unconscious, sprawled in the center of the ring.
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