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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-12-09 |

Released: 2006

Running time: 107 minutes

Director: Mike Donner

Starring: Trent Atkins, Logan Robbins, Hans Ebson, Mark Hansford, Elijah

Categories: All-American Boys, Military, Story - Plot, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Comedy, Dildos - Toys, Kissing, Latin Men, Live Sound, Older Men - Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Sandwich Fucking, Threeways, Twinks - Young Meat, Uniforms

Three servicemen desperate to hold onto their cushy recruiting jobs decide to stalk the streets looking for men.
Cute recruiter Trent Atkins stops a car. Its driver, handsome, accented, middle-aged Mark Hansford, makes a curious choice for recruitment, but a great match for Atkins. "Willing to assume any position?" Atkins asks. Hansford is willing to go acrobatic to get Atkins' finger, then a dildo, then dick up his butt, in its usual chrome-yellow jockstrap. Unfortunately the widescreen image suddenly pops to full screen, distorting the guys into monsters that look crushed when lying down, stretched like giraffes when standing. You wouldn't believe how goofy they look when Atkins sucks the free end of a dildo extending out of Hansford.
A tiny Latino doing his yard work sprays tall redheaded recruiter Logan and invites him into a palatial mansion to dry off, and of course to expose the famous long, flat, rather ironing-board-like Robbins cock. That cock gets a lot of use in Latino's asshole, in several classic positions, then they turnabout and Latino plugs Robbins like a big baby-doll. Robbins explodes in his own hand, Latino unloads on Robbins' balls.
In the office, the Latino appears, and turns the tables on the recruiter, or at least turns the recruiter on, licks his white anus, and pokes it full of prick on a swivel chair. The honky fucks some brown butt, too, down on the floor. While a screen-saver swirls in the background, he cums the recruit's back, the recruit cums his own hand, then asks for a pen!
Happy to have signed up more recruits, the three recruiters show each other how they did it. Trent gets in the middle. Robbins sucks dick, the third dude Atkins' ass. Then Atkins sucks Robbins while getting buggered by dude three. Robbin fucks dude three while blowing Atkins. They sandwich-screw with dude three in the middle dicking Atkins again. Atkins creams the rug, Robbins the dude's butt, and the dude generously ices Atkins' ass.

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