♺ CuteBoy - 4 On The Floor

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-12-22 |
Condoms Used: yes
Length: 74 minutes
Studio: CuteBoy Videos-18 West Studios


Low-tech movie-quality, but very cute, smooth, hung lads.

Pretty Trent, on a bed with a magazine, takes out a thick cock that's way-more than pretty, plays with a string of pre-cum, and jacks, grinning toothily. He plays with his tits a bit, too. The contrast of the man's meat on the boy's body, shiny with sweat, is hot. He spreads his thighs vulgarly to reach his asshole, re-opens the magazine when near to cumming, and flings load clear to his lush red mouth.

Crophead Latino Alex pulls prick out of his pants to jack to cyber-porn. But something glitches. He calls Kelly for 'puter help. Malcolm-in-the-Middle lookalike Kelly fixes it, sees boy-porn and asks, "Are you gay?" Alex denies it, but doesn't object when Kelly unzips him and sucks long dark cock, or when Kelly lays him back to fuck him frontally and then from behind. Pink body, brown body, creaky bedsprings, yummy. They twist about to kiss during fucking. Kelly cums on Alex's ass, Alex cums his own flat stomach. Kelly laughs, "And you said you weren't gay!"

Outdoors, with a great view of maybe the Hollywood Hills, crewcut gum-chewer Kyle gets the urge and strips (just down to white jockeys for a while), slumping gracefully to masturbate sweet meat. His cock pops cum-drops on his flat tits.

On a couch, crazy-eyed Caleb obeys an offstage man's voice. Flashbulbs flicker as he warily pulls himself to hardness. We get huge close-ups of his tangle-haired asshole blowing kisses. His boner burps a pool of gooey spooge above his sparse bush.

Three nude poker-players look lovely circle-sucking on a beige carpet and a moss-green sofa. We can't hear the boys' sexual sounds, just the constant off-screen conversation of director and cameraman. Kelly arrives. The trio look nervous, but Kelly walks right into the arms of one, and the party continues. The boys look sincerely sexy, but stop when directed and scoot awkwardly into new positions---two doggie-fucks and a very hot kneeling sandwich-fuck with the front man fucking the fourth dude, legs-up. They all cum on the fourth's lean belly.

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