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Stable Entertainment - The Crystal Tunnel

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With Wood in a chair and in his coma, in walks Tony Cummings. Cummings sits next to Wood and wants to "do a line" with him. Knowing that this isn't possible he starts talking about old times. He remembers back to a fuck session he had with Spike in a hotel room. The cocks are being sucked, the sex is getting hot and then Spike starts to fuck Cummings. Cummings does a few lines of crystal, gets up and says he is going outside, leaving Spike  there on the bed (neither of them have cum). Cummings then recalls seeing Wood going at it with Chip Noll and Sonny Markham. Wood is kneeling on the bed getting his cock sucked by Noll and Noll is getting fucked by Markham. Wood does a line and then leaves the room going outside to find Cummings in the hot tub. After doing a bump together, they decide to go back to the room where Spike is and the three of them start having sex. A few minutes later, Markham and Noll join in. After several lines, swigs of alcohol, sucking, fucking and switching of partners, the five of them blow their wads all over Cummings (with Spike of course, shooting the biggest load).

Michael Crawford is Wood's caregiver. In an odd turn of events, while Crawford is checking on Wood, in walks Wood's stepbrother, Jake Armstrong. He says he is the only one that he knows of that hasn't messed around with Wood and he wants to have sex in front of him with Crawford. He pulls out his cock and Crawford goes down on him immediately. It isn't long before Crawford pulls down his pants and Armstrong walks behind him and fucks his ass. As they get close to climax they stand on either side of Wood and shoot their loads all over the shirt of the "coma stricken" patient.

A friend calling himself "Omar" next visits Wood. "Omar" reminisces about when they first met and we flashback to a younger Wood (played by someone that I am not sure who it is). "Omar" and the "younger Wood" do a few bumps of crystal and before you know it they are sucking and fucking. "Omar" has a really beautiful cock that was very hot to watch in action. As the "younger Wood" shoots his load, he morphs into Grant Wood and they continue to carry on the action with Wood doing lines of crystal off of "Omar's" back as "Omar" gets fucked. Soon they both shoot their loads.

Next we go into the mind of the man in the coma. With images of Adam Hart projected on the wall, we go through this surreal segment. It is very odd and I feel like I am on a bad trip. As is the case with the rest of this video, I again loose my hard on that was temporarily there from the last scene.

Adam Hart is there with some other hot stud talking to Wood in the next scene. We flash back to a time when these two were going at it. As the even hotter Hart is fucking the hot stud, Wood opens the door and sees them going at it. Wood leaves, obviously hurt. Hart continues to plow the boys' butt until they both explode all over the boys' stomach shooting massive loads of cum.

At the end of the video, they all gather for a birthday party. It turns into a catfight. Wood dies as the others look on and the video ends. Now I don't want to get into the moral aspect of this video. All I know is it was a screwed up video with a lot of screwed up "fictitious" people sending a very screwed up message to those viewing it. "Stay away from crystal, it fucks you up and leaves you without any real friends", is what I think they were trying to say. Then I see in the video a clause, "unless you are doing it while having sex, and then it will keep you hard and keep you going and it is fun". Now if that isn't screwed up, I don't know what is.
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