Tickled Hard - Bronson - TH-t127

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DescriptionBronson has been tied up before, but never like this. First, Franco gets him naked and sniffs him. Then he makes Bronson help him undress and shows Bronson the big boner in his boxer briefs. Franco locks Bronson's ankles and wrists, then plastic wraps him to the chair. With Bronson's feet suspended and hands tied behind his head, Franco starts tickling his armpits. He tickles Bronson's pits, ribs and even his inner arm while Bronson laughs and bounces. Removing both shoes, Franco applies his tickling touch to Bronson's size 11 socked feet. On goes the blindfold, and a whole new level of sensation opens up. Franco uses his tickly beard and mouth on Bronson's sides, allowing Bronson to tilt and lose his balance. Bronson pops a boner and Franco quietly watches as he shows off, pulsing his thick cock up and down. Franco's big hard-on stretches his underwear while he continues tickling Bronson's feet, removing Bronson's athletic socks as he tickles him. Franco sucks Bronson's toes and nibbles on his soles, making him laugh with delight. With his smooth feet completely exposed, Franco tickles Bronson using his fingertips and a couple of nubby tools, causing Bronson to start leaking pre-cum! The tickle seduction continues as Franco moves from Bronson's feet back up to his armpits, ribs and bellybutton. After deep-tickling there and into Bronson's upper thighs, Franco uses a feather on Bronson's pretty feet. Franco jumps from one spot to another on Bronson's ticklish body before finally giving into Bronson's distracting dick. It doesn't take much to make this 24-year-old hard, and soon Franco has him shooting an enormous load of cum. Franco eats a ton of it as Bronson's cumming, then he removes the blindfold and uses his cummy beard to tickle Bronson's feet. Before he releases Bronson completely, Franco screws with him some more, tickling him in his pits and on his sensitive feet.
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