♺ Sexual Tension - Seth Santoro & Tom Faulk

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Original upload: 2015-06-27 |
Tom Faulk has been looking forward to this all week, ever since he booked his appointment with maseusse Seth Santoro. Seth has a way of really getting to the core of TomÂ’s tension, which is something he could really use after hitting the gym so hard lately.

Seth knows his stuff, but it also doesn’t hurt that he takes a special personal interest in all of Tom’s ‘tight’ areas.

Seth begins working the knots out of TomÂ’s muscles, paying particular attention to the stiffness in his loins, flipping him over and discovering TomÂ’s cock at full mast, ready for some deep attention.

Seth downs TomÂ’s cock, climbing up on the table and straddling his face as Tom begins to tongue SethÂ’s ass. Seth sits up and grinds on TomÂ’s mouth while stroking his cock, then bends over once Tom is nice and ready to put it in.

Tom grabs SethÂ’s legs and throws them over his shoulders, pounding him on the massage table as Seth moans in ecstacy, then they switch, and Seth tries to get to the deepest source of TomÂ’s tension, fucking him from behind as Tom rides him reverse, grinding on his cock, before flipping over as Seth fucks the cum right out of him before dousing him with his own hot load. As Tom lay there covered in jizz, he realizes you just canÂ’t quantify good personal attention.


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