♺ Skybo wrestling No Chance 3

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-12-16 |
Denny and Basti drop into each other just coincidently. Basti well remembers the last meet with Denny (Denny vs Basti), it was an intense meet where he got squashed by Denny. He just tries to ignore Denny as Denny anyway does what he likes most, watching his well defined body in the mirror, posing and flexing his guns. Basti has the aim to leave the place but then Denny approaches him. He asks Basti to show what he has, knowing Basti has been building some strength since the last meet. Basti does not want to hide away and accepts the challenge Denny is proposing. He gets 4 apples, each one stands for a life of Basti. Hence he gets 4 chances to win against Denny. The one squashing the other is squashing the apple and with this one life has gone. They start the fight. Bast has indeed improved his strength, but he soon realises, he still is no match for the muscle boy. Denny plays around with his ‘victim’, squashes hims many ways before he really flex his muscles and goes for ultimate submission. Then he squashes one of Bastis life, just to go on with his domination on poor Basti Basti gets it all: Scissors, plenty of pinnings, some short some really long. breath control, etc.
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