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DescriptionBuckleroos, Part 1 in avi
(I'm trying to find my copy of part 2)

Starring Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Jake Andrews, Zak Spears (non-sexual), Owen Hawk, Josh Hardman, Todd Maxwell, Diego de la Hoya, Brad Benton, Ricky Martinez, Arpad Miklos (a.k.a. Francois Kagylo), Edu Boxer, Chris Wide, Mike Dasher and Sam Shadon.

Right off the bat, we learn that things at the Beefland Ranch are a little, well, out of the ordinary. Man in Black Zak Spears appears (and disappears) with the blink of an eye, for one thing, and it seems that no one sees him as he magically lends a helping hand here, a push in the right direction there. He's kind of like the cowboy version of Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Plus, even though Marcus and Dean are totally comfortable being naked and jerking off around each other, they don't seem interested in connecting sexually. No matter how many hot men they have encounters with, the end is always the same -- it's never as good as the first time, so no repeat performances. This same rule applies to their relationship. Even though they hooked up once, and it was the best sex of their lives, they have vowed never to do it again.

It soon becomes apparent the Man in Black Zak has decided to help these two studs figure out what everyone around them already knows -- that they are destined to be more than just bunkmates. Although Zak's role is completely non-sexual in both parts of "BuckleRoos," it is a pivotal role (he's in virtually every scene of the production) and the big stud shows amazing constraint at times, staying fully clothed and merely watching while the cast gets it on in every way imaginable. (I'd like to ask Zak one day how many times he sprung an erection in those black jeans during filming.)

Dean looks as fine as ever, with a mop of longish hair and thick sideburns framing his handsome face, and Marcus is a perfect match for him, both for his overall sexual attitude and his dynamite onscreen performance.

When the two go to the local bar for a night out, Marcus hooks up right away with a tall, rangy cowboy and heads for the backroom. In the middle of a heavy cruise from a muscular, blond hunk, Dean is gifted with a special belt from Zak -- one that has a buckle that is an erotic amulet capable of getting Dean any man he wants. Frankly, it doesn't seem to me that Dean needs any help in that area, because to me he's absolutely irresistible. Dean and the stud he's cruising, played by Josh Hardman, go back to the ranch's attic and perform in a scene that is so hot it threatens to burn down the place. Josh has the kind of beefy muscularity that usually denotes top man, but in this case, Dean runs the show, feeding Josh his uncut cock and then offering up his ass for Josh to savor. While Josh is on his knees tongue-fucking Dean, the camera gets great angles of the action, including several of Josh's round bubble-butt, nicely framed by a white jock. All the while, a silent Zak watches. Josh reaches around and fingers his own hole while he's working on Dean's, and then Dean fucks Josh as he props one of his thickly built legs on a ladder. Josh pulls his cock out of the pouch of the jock and works it as he sits on Dean's dick and bouncing, and finally, both studs release gushers of cum, Dean emptying his balls onto his own crotch and Josh grimacing as he squeezes out every last drop of his load.

Meanwhile, Marcus is on a dusty road, getting pulled over by a hunky state trooper played by Todd Maxwell. With a little help from Zak, the two studs are soon sharing a joint, and the action takes off. Todd greedily slurps down Marcus' rod, and in the shade of an old tree, they fuck and suck, first in Marcus' pick-up's cab, and then outside. The kinky aspect, one that works very well, is that Marcus takes sexual control of the cop. Using his nightstick, Marcus teases Todd by slapping his erection around with it, and then he bends the hairy cop over and shoves the stick deep into his hungry hole. Marcus then replaces the stick with his own rod, slamming into Todd in a hard-going fuck that has Todd begging for more. As Zak watches from the back of the pick-up, Todd then reclines on the seat, his raw asshole still throbbing, and Marcus then shoves the nightstick back inside him. Todd shoots his load, creaming his hairy thigh. Then Marcus takes his place on the seat, and Todd licks Marcus' hole until Marcus brings himself off, big globs of cream dripping from the head of his cock. Marcus eats the cum that sticks to his fist as the scene closes.

As Marcus is telling the big cop that he has to get home, the scene switches to Marcus back home, telling Dean about the encounter. Both studs are naked, sitting side-by-side, jerking off as Marcus tells the tale. But then they are interrupted twice. The first time, it's ranch hands Ricky Martinez and Arpad Miklos, who get permission to borrow a truck in order to drive to town and fuck the new girls at the local whorehouse. Dean and Marcus barely get their jeans down again before the next interruption. This time, it's Dean's black-sheep nephew, played by impish Owen Hawk. Owen, dressed in cut-off jeans that can't seem to contain his balls, relates the tale of how he got to the ranch, a hitchhiking adventure that turns into a raucous, public three-way.

Even with the scandalous cut-offs, Owen is having a problem hitching a ride. Enter Zak, who shows the young stud how to grab a bit more attention by wetting himself down from head to toe with a bottle of water. The trick works, and in no time, Owen gets a ride from hot stud Diego de la Hoya. Owen gets down on Diego's uncut meat while he drives, and then they pick up a third, Brad Benton. With the addition of Brad, the testosterone level jumps to high, and Diego pulls off the road so that they can get busy. Throughout, which includes very steamy oral action between all three, and a three-way fuck, cars and trucks can be seen on the horizon driving by as Diego, Brad and Owen fuck and suck. This brazen, public action makes the scene all the more enjoyable. Plus, the three-way fuck is unlike any I have ever seen -- each guy moving from front to back at least once, so each can enjoy a turn in the middle, with his dick inside an ass as he's getting fucked. It's not only creative, it's also performed well by all three. In the finale, with cars still whizzing by in the background, Owen and Brad stand over Diego and spray him down with cum, while Diego jerks off. Then Brad makes overtures to Owen about hitching up together, but Owen seems to have learned his technique from his Uncle Dean, and turns him down flat.

Back at the ranch, Owen makes overtures of his own, to Dean and Marcus, but to no avail. Not only that, they lay down the law to the young stud, which includes no jerking off until after his homework is done. Every young man needs to learn discipline, I suppose.

In the bunkhouse, Ricky and Arpad are no closer to leaving for the whorehouse, with Ricky entranced by his own image in a full-length mirror. Arpad grouses about it (in a believable Western accent -- you go, Arpad!), but he soon becomes engrossed in his own image, kissing and caressing the mirror as he stares at himself. What follows is what I think is one of the most original gay erotica scenes ever committed to film. The reflections cast by Arpad and Ricky almost seem to come alive, as if the two had somehow cloned themselves, or suddenly had an identical twin. Both Arpad and Ricky manage to make the whole act not only believable but also hot as hell to watch. Then, Ricky and Arpad show off their other special ability -- sucking their own cocks. Rick is a bit better at it than Arpad, managing to get a good part of his huge meat in his mouth. Both hunks cum huge loads, giving themselves facials, and then they return to the mirror, eating their loads as they watch themselves do it. This scene is creative, original, and burns with heat from start to finish.

The finale of Part 1 is an energetic orgy with Jake Andrews, Edu Boxer, Mike Dasher, Chris Wilde, Sam Shadon, Dean and Marcus in a bar. As the others get it on, Dean and Marcus sit on the sidelines and watch, jerking their dicks as the action progresses. The big attraction (in more ways than one) for a couple of the studs is Chris Wide, an Adonis with a near-perfect physique and a big dick. Edu gets down on Chris' dick early on and doesn't seem to want to let it go. Eventually he does share, with hairy stud Mike. Sam gives Jake a long, wet blow, and then Jake climbs atop the pool table to be slowly poked by Chris' cock. Edu climbs on, and he and Jake 69 as Chris plows Jake. Nearby, Sam is getting finger-fucked by Mike, who shoves his digit inside Sam's hairy hole insistently, then fucks him on the table. The threesome then switches positions, and it's Edu who gets to plumb the depths of muscular Jake's tunnel. All of this action finally does rouse Dean, who gets up and walks out while stroking his hard dick. A bit later, Marcus follows, but with a small motion of his hand, Man in Black Zak brings the two back, and while Sam watches as all of the other studs in the orgy shoot their loads onto his hairy body, Dean and Marcus cum, too, and Dean leans over and plants a big kiss on Marcus just as they lose it.

Is this kiss just a kiss? Does it mean something more? Part 2 holds the answer.
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