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MBZ - Elder Berry & Elder Titov - Companions Reunited (1080p)

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DescriptionElder Titov and Elder Berry feel safe in bed at the mission home after a harrowing experience. Drugged, tied up and used like meat by a stranger, the naked, humiliated boys were scared that they’d never get out of that place. But after they’ve been thoroughly enjoyed, their twisted captor sends them to the mission home knowing the brethren will try and sweep this ordeal under the rug to avoid unwanted public attention.

Their bodies are sore and they’re full of conflicted feelings. On the one hand, they’re hurt and angry. But being kept in a dark basement and sexually dominated was also thrilling. Lying in bed in their sacred garments, they both keep playing over the scenes in their mind. Elder Berry’s dick is hard as he recalls their bondage, their sexy abuser, and his naked, scared companion.

Elder Berry can see that Elder Titov is troubled. “Are you ok?” he asks.

“It was horrible,” says Elder Titov. He’s afraid he won’t be able to fall asleep. “Do you wanna come cuddle me?”

Of course Elder Berry wants to. Watching that gorgeous naked Mormon boy get abused was a highlight of his mission. “Ok,” he says. He’s a little embarrassed for the other missionary to see his boner, but he climbs out of his bed and jumps in behind his companion. He spoons him tightly, an arm wrapped around Elder Titov and his dick pressed against his tight ass. He gently kisses his shoulder and grabs his wrist. He can feel Elder Titov tense up.

“It’s ok,” he says. “We’re safe here.” Elder Berry gently strokes his companion’s muscular arm. Looking over his shoulder, he can see his big red nipple through the sheer garments. And although Elder Titov is silent, he can feel the goosebumps on his arm and knows he’s enjoying the attention. He slides his hand down the other missionary’s hot body and rubs his warm crotch.

“That feels good. Don’t stop,” says Elder Titov. Encouraged, Elder Berry leans in and kisses him on the mouth. Elder Titov puts a hand on his head and pulls him in close. Elder Berry sits up and pulls off the garment top. His erection is tenting his shorts. As he rubs Titov’s chest, his dick throbs. Elder Titov gets an eyeful of his companion’s muscular body. He had been turned on by the torture, too, but is confused by these feelings. As Elder Berry bends down to kiss his chest, his own dick starts to get hard. He puts his hands behind his head and lets his companion work his way down to his cock. Elder Berry sniffs it through the garments and puts his mouth on it, then slides a hand through the flap and touches it.

He looks at Elder Titov to make sure it’s ok, and then he slides his big dick out of the flap in his garments. Elder Titov smiles and rests his hands on his hard abs. As Berry bends down to take it in his mouth, his dick spontaneously jerks up and bounces against his lips. Then Berry slides his mouth over his head and slowly down the shaft. Elder Titov puts his hands on the back of Berry’s head and guides it up and down on his dick, thrusting his hips at the same time. His companion knows his way around a dick, licking and sucking his companion’s dick like a pro.

As Elder Berry lifts the garments up over Elder Titov’s head, every muscle in Titov’s lean torso flexes. Elder Berry kisses every inch of it before going back down on his delicious dick. He works it over until his companion is writhing and moaning, then he sits up and slips off his own garment bottoms. Completely naked, his ass up in the air and his buttcheeks spread wide, Elder Berry sucks his companion while he strokes his own dick. He runs a finger up to his own hairy crack, then plays with his big balls. Elder Titov pulls his hair as his hard wet dick gets the full treatment. Then Elder Berry slips off his garment bottoms, and he lies there totally nude.

Elder Berry moves his mouth down to his companion’s balls while he strokes his dick. All that sensation pushes Elder Titov close to the edge. He’s picturing Elder Berry strapped to the cold cement table in that basement while their captor aggressively facefucked him. Elder Berry slides his fingers down his taint to his tight hole. He opens it a bit with his fingers and toys with it. Elder Titov immediately raises his hips off the bed. His cock is rock hard, and his companion’s fingers on his ass makes him want to cum. He wraps his fist around his cock and starts to moan. Elder Berry brings his face in close to the head of his penis. The sound of his companion moaning has made his own dick feel like it’s going to burst as he plays with it. He pushes one finger against Titov’s hole and then Elder Titov busts a nut. The cum pumps up out of his dick, and then Elder Berry goes back down on the sticky shaft, sucking up the semen and letting it drips from his lips.

“You feel better?” he asks with a smile, then curls up next to him.

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