♺ Manhandled - Devin Draz & Cameron Adams - Siblings

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Cameron was having a little trouble figuring out how he'd gotten in this position  the position in question being on his knees with his mouth full of his brother's fat, pulsating cock.

Oh, the sequence of events was clear. Their parents were gone, he and Devin were watching TV, and Devin got bored and horny and decided his little brother would make a handy cocksucker.but there was still a considerable disconnect between Cameron's protests, his confidence his brother must be joking around.and the very large, very thick dick currently crammed down his throat and making it hard to breathe.

And the problem  the real problem, not having to fight the urge to puke when Devin's dick went too far down his throat, or Devin's threat of beating his ass if he didn't take his cock all the way, or the fact that you know, this was his brother  no, the real problem was Cameron wasn't a hundred percent completely confident he was hating this. His own rock hard erection currently imprisoned in his jeans made that a little hard to buy.

So Cameron did the only thing he could think of: he stopped thinking. Stopped telling himself he wasn't gay, stopped reminding himself this was his brother, stopped doing anything but just.exploring the moment. That's all this really was. Harmless exploration with his bro. Forget that it was sexual, forget that it was wrong, just forget everything except how fucking hot it was and how unbelievably turned on they both were. Funny thing, apparently when you turn off the logic centers of your brain, the pleasure parts get heightened.

That was the only explanation for how good it felt to have his mouth full of another man's meat, the thick weight of it comforting rather than distressing. Trying to get as much of it in there, to taste as much as it, make it feel as good as possible  all that a challenge to be met, rather than a hurtle to be dealt with. Cameron moaned and felt Devin's cock quiver in response to the vibrations of his mouth  he'd done that. Felt the warm length of it spasm, trying to hold back the jets of cum his brother wasn't ready to unleash yet, and Cameron knew it was him causing that effect, even as he felt Devin's strong hands holding him in place, massaging the back of his neck and pressing him tightly up against Devin's muscled thighs, thick and sturdy as tree trunks. Cameron was stuck in a strange limbo of feeling simultaneously powerful and powerless  helpless to resist this effect Devin was having on him and loving the effect he in turn was in turn having on his brother. They were both moaning and quivering and dripping with sweat, locked into a cycle that fed back into each other, and neither could pretend they weren't loving every minute of it.

Somehow it felt strangely normal for Devin to sit on top of him, plant his ass crack right over Cameron's face and demand his tongue get to work. It wasn't strange that would try a taste of Cameron's cock, just to see what it was like and what about it made his little brother so horny and agreeable. And when Devin bent him over the couch and inched his steel rod up Cameron's virgin ass little by little til he was in it to the hilt, Cam's hot tight hole clenched firmly around it like a soft, velvety glove.it seemed a natural fit to both of them. The steady slide of Devin's dick through his ass tunnel was a rhythm Cam had been waiting for without even knowing it, and he had to fight back the whimpers threatening to burst from his throat. Didn't want to alert the neighbors.

Flipped over and lying on his back on the edge of the couch while Devin pounded his hole from a new angle, reaching further inside him than he'd imagined was possible, there was no way for Cameron to do anything but look up at his brother's stern, rugged face. There was no pretending this was anybody else doing this to him, making him feel this way, and it was so fucking wrong but it felt so goddamned good and god, if the neighbors did hear or his  no, their parents came home early, if someone saw, if someone knew..fuuuuuck.

Cameron couldn't take it anymore, and he threw his head back while the cock he'd been stroking  his cock, he dimly figured out, though he hadn't even realized he'd been jerking himself off, or maybe it was Devin that did it  his cock exploded with thick jets of white cum, spasming and shaking in an orgasm that seemed to go on and on forever. He couldn't remember ever having cum this hard before, ever feeling this way before and duh, his brother had never fucked him before, and as Devin added his own coating of cum all over Cameron's face, fed him their combined juices, made him eagerly lap it off his fingers like a goddamned puppy.all he could think was, when were they going to do this again?

Fuck it if it was wrong, Cameron decided to himself. They'd just keep it in the family. Heh.

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