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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-28 |
Anton Buttone has immense, round shoulders and broad, etched pecs, and this Latin god is working out with some gym buddies. It's simply awesome watching what these hulking men can do with their bodies. After the workout, Anton heads inside for some one-on-one time with his dick. It's long with a raging pink cock head. He lies back on the bed jerking with one hand; he's holding the headboard with his other hand and his muscles tense as he works up a juicy load of cum. He covers his abs with spunk, and they couldn't look any hotter.

Not to make fun of anyone's name, but we have to smile every time we see Anton Buttone's name in print. For a man with such a phenomenal ass to have a name like "butt one," well, we think Anton grew into his name just fine. In this construction video, we couldn't wait until Anton stripped down to his jockstrap, then leaning against some scaffolding, with his back to the camera, he flexes those massive butt muscles and gives us a look at how strong, round, and firm those ass cheeks are.

Don't let the fresh young face of Anton Buttone fool you. When you get to know him you'll soon realise that this guy is a muscle hunk that prides himself on arrogance and pure and simple power. When you connect with Anton (and you will connect) you will see how this Italian stallion uses his muscle and pure strength to make you buckle and worship his physique.

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