Brutal Tops Video 183 - Master Dave

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DescriptionThe defeated sub has had his wrists lashed to his ankles and is helpless on the gym bench with his legs in the air and his arsehole gaping open.

Master Dave takes a packets of butter and proceeds to scoop up a load of it onto his fingers. With a sneer of contempt on his lips he eagerly shoves it up the sub's arsehole, pushing it deep into his rear. Then the Top lights a cigar which he tugs on whilst beginning to fuck the squirming sub. The angry Top rams his butter-covered cock into the pathetic sub's slack hole.

The Master pumps energetically into the whimpering bottom who is then flipped over onto his belly so that Dave can get better access. The beaten sub is then pulled from the bench where the mean Master wanks his dick in his face before spunking a load of jizz directly into the sub's mouth. He's made to lick the length of the Top's shaft until every drop of spunk is cleaned away.

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