♺ SludgeMaster - 2nd set of heavy raunch Industrial Kink 1990s US

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-02-15 |
5 more of the legendary Heavy Raunch SludgeMaster episodes, by popular demand. Slimy and creative underground blue collar Kink!
Including: spit, grease, piss, oil, paint and cum ...

Please note that 5 more SludgeMaster episodes were posted earlier o GayTorrent.Ru, on 6 Feb 2012.

"...industrial-strength man-to-man episodes of sperm, motor oil, gushing gunk, butt snacks, bar brawls, greasy gas station
dicks, lube jobs up the butt, picnics at the dump, sweaty sex in dark places, and white trash workers who live in a world
where piss drains down from the sewer grates..."

"Sludgemaster dares to get down into the male psyche where desperado truckers, and drifters, and cowboys,
and carnival roustabouts, and sex outlaws live perfectly wonderful white trash lives uncomplicated by table manners."
"...an incredible psychological profile of some men�s Freudian tastes for everything polite society runs from."

Courtesy Jack Fritscher, who's full article on SludgeMaster is available on:


This second seedy set includes:
Backroom Spit (8m)
Greg's Grease Rack (12m)
Paintjob (24m)
Pumper (5m)
Sewerhole (25m)

Studio: SludgeMaster
Country: US
Year: 1990s
Duration: see above
Quality: good, check caps

Enjoy !

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