[Factory Video] - Fat Poles & Dripping Holes

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Factory Videos brings us "Fat Poles & Dripping Holes", which features 1 hour and 15 minutes of some of the fattest cocks and tightest assholes you've ever jacked of too. Director Leo Greco delivers us some of the hottest young studs around, who are nice and thick in all the right places! Sit back, relax, and grab your cock, because it's going to be nice and hard for a while.

Caleb Frost and Damien Myers are in bed wearing only their jeans. It is obvious though that beneath their pants is a monster just waiting to get out and be sucked. Damien's thick dick is first to burst out, with Caleb sucking every inch of his throbbing member. Damien plays with Caleb's tight asshole while he gets his dick sucked. He works Caleb's ass, getting it nice and warmed up for his thick cock. Caleb climbs on top of Damien and rides him, with Damien pushing every inch of his throbbing cock deep into his tight ass. Caleb gets his ass pounded hard by Damien, with each thrust going deeper and harder than the last. Finally Damien pulls his mighty cock out and cums all over Caleb's wet asshole, covering it in hot sticky jizz.

Next we find David on the couch with Dimitri Darkstarr, making out with Dimitri rubbing David's hardening cock over his jeans. Soon enough David's thick cock is out with Dimitri slipping it into his mouth. They take turns sucking each other's dicks, sliding every inch deep into their throats. Dimitri wants to fuck and slides his long thick cock into David's hairy ass. He fucks David doggy style on the couch, slapping his big hairy ass around while pounding it hard and fast. The cums running down his ass and dripping off of his balls as Dimitri pushes his cock in deep. Finally David strokes his own cock hard and blows a huge load of warm sticky man juice all over his hairy stomach, which Dimitri collects and slides back into his asshole.

Lee Booker and Aaron Cole are both only in their jeans, making out and rubbing each other's throbbing bulges beneath their pants. Soon enough their thick cocks are unleashed and they take turns sucking them up and down, making sure no inch goes neglected! Aaron uses the lube to get Lee's hairy asshole nice and wet, making it easier for him to slip in his fingers. Lee hops on top of Aaron and takes every inch of his throbbing cock into his deep asshole. Lee stokes his beautiful thick cock while being fucked and cums all over himself. Aaron finally blows a load all over Lee's ass, using his cock to spread the jizz all around his wet asshole!

What are you waiting for? Pull out your fat cock and pop in "Fat Poles & Dripping Holes". This DVD will leave your chubby dick throbbing for a tight hole to pump full of cum.

Stars: David, Dimitri Darkstarr, Caleb Frost, Damien Myers, Lee Booker, Aaron Cole

Approximate Running Time: 01:15:49
2010-10-17 00:46:59
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