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Cocky Boys - A Thing of Beauty 1 - Colby Keller & Dale Cooper

Part 1 of "A Thing of Beauty"introduces us to Colby Keller and Dale Cooper - tow men show share a uniquechemistry with each other both on and off camera. Hand in hand, they explore a tropical oasis,joking around on the beach, swimming, laughing, while the Walt Whitman poem,"We Two Boys Together Clinging", perfectly illustrates theirfriendship and bond over 100 years after it was written. This is paradise, firmly contrasted with thegrunge and grime of the loud, dark, and dirty city - the daily grind. But it's the passion we see between Dale andColby, the unique chemistry the two share as both performers and as men thatelevates this film to a new territory transcending porn. It's the way they look into each others'seyes, the kisses they share on their cliff-side balcony overlooking the ocean,the way Dale takes Colby's cock in his mouth and the way Colby grips Dale'sshoulders as he steadily fucks him that makes us see the true beauty of sex. There's a certain magnetism to this scene thatdraws you in to Colby and Dale's paradise. It's the kind of poetry that will resonate with you physically as muchas emotionally. By the end of it, youwill see these two men not as porn stars but as living, breathing humans justlike the rest of us. And by witnessingsuch intimate lovemaking, you'll learn how important it is to also loveyourself.

Cocky Boys - A Thing Of Beauty 2 - Gabriel Clark & JD Phoenix


Director's Note: Growing up in southern Louisiana was a blessing and a curse. While I had to hide and bury the core of my being -- my sexuality -- I did however live in a place that celebrated life and living! We lived to eat, drink, and be merry. My early childhood was not extraordinary, but looking back, it was blessed. Summers were spent outside, climbing trees, making forts out of refrigerator boxes, and setting booby traps for my imagined prey.

I lived without a care in the world... until the day I discovered I was falling helplessly in love with my sister's boyfriend. I vividly remember the day I first "felt it" -- he was just coming out of the swimming pool when he flipped back his heavy mane of jet-black hair like only really cool boys could. I watched every drop of water collect and drip off the tips of his wet hair, on to his round shoulders, and down the V of his back, all the way to the base of his cut-off jean shorts.

I was soon admonished by my sisters and mom when they discovered my secret. "Boys do not like boys," they said, and from that day on, I was very aware that something is wrong here and that fitting in and hiding the best part of me was going to be necessary for survival.

Flash forward to today, and that way of being and thinking is no longer necessary. In fact, I live a life that I love with my two partners, our four dogs, and our "God dog," Bella (you can read more about our relationship in this feature profile from New York Magazine).

This part of A Thing of Beauty is a celebration of living -- a life worth living. Nothing is stopping us from being who we want to be, loving who we want to love, and doing what we want to do. Just like the refrigerator boxes that I used to transform into elaborate forts, our lives can so easily transform from "nothing" spaces to "something" spaces.

When you watch this film, try and connect to the most joyful parts of your past. Connect to all the things you wanted and still want, and make them your reality now!


Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian

Cocky Boys - A Thing of Beauty 3 - Gabriel Clark, JD Phoenix & Colby Keller

A Thing of Beauty : The Gift - Episode 3

The Third Episode of A thing of Beauty series, Gabriel Clark, JD Phoenix and Colby Keller deliver a deeply sexual, genuine connection that is rarely captured on film.

Cocky Boys - A Thing of Beauty 4 - Colby Keller, Dale Cooper & Gabriel Clark

A Thing Of Beauty - Episode 4: Free To Be Me - Released Aug 17 2013

A Thing of Beauty has so far showcased some of the most passionate sex between men you'll see on film, and this addition raises the bar yet again. As much of a celebration of sex as it is an exploration, Part IV focuses on those particular moments in life that just can't escape us -- living in a new city, meeting someone special, diving head first (literally) into a new adventure, and the kind of deep sexual intimacy only experienced every so often.

Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, and Dale Cooper share a chemistry with each other that perfectly illustrates one of these moments. They traverse a Mexican paradise as companions -- boating, swimming, discovering, and collecting memories in the same vein as Whitman. Their understood unity only becomes more powerful as it manifests itself sexually, exploding into a ravenous threesome back on the shore.

Colby and Dale's relationship is already wrought with real emotion and passion, but adding Gabriel to the mix brings that raw intensity to another level. At first, Colby and Gabriel took turns pounding Dale to their liking, but then Gabriel began fucking Colby while he was still inside Dale, and then the two finally double-penetrated Dale. Each moment is sexy in its own unique and glorious way, and not something you'll forget.
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