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BG East - Ball Bash 3 - Kid Vicious vs Len Harder

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DescriptionCOCKFIGHT: No Rules Wrestling -- For ONE of the Wrestlers, That Is!

Kid Vicious loves executing his beat-downs -- even absorbing some punishment himself along the way if absolutely necessary-- but at BGEast he picks his would-be victims carefully, seeming to make his own arcane rules. He's earned 'having his way' by, well, having his way -- with so many sexy opponents, both larger and smaller. The skinhead bad boy has shown himself unafraid to push any fetish button to get a rise out of his soon-to-be prey, especially when the prize is dangling before him. In his menacing skinhead boots and endless sexy gear variations, or donning gloves for extreme boxing and gut-bashing squashes, he's always 'up' for a victim who is 'up for anything'!

When punky scrapper Len Harder met Vicious one night, drawn like a moth to a flame, he admitted breathlessly that he was a fan of KV's constant rule-breaking low blows. "Oh?" Even of his special ball-bashing workout (Ball Bash 1 vs Derek DaSilva, a classic of the genre). Len said he thought he could take plenty of punishment and keep coming back for more, as well as deliver some good low blows of his own... The Vicious one was intrigued and aroused -- and on the prowl for the right time and place to have a private wrestling 'encounter' with Len's ample bulge. It had to be a place where his opponent's gasps and whimpers would not be heard, where no cries of mercy would stop the agreed rules of engagement. Brooding quickly he knew: the BG East Wrestleshack by the woods!

Lovely Len is a sexy punk, always game to fight the bigger guys he inevitably faces, but his lean physique and shaved head had Vicious licking his lips even before Len's secret 'interest' was out. KV and Len agree to this special cock and ball contest, where the rules are... no rules! The very next day, KV leads Len into the shed like a lamb to the slaughter, dressed in skintight shirt and baggy shorts, which KV begins to caress. Still in awe at his own 'balls' in agreeing to this contest, Len wonders just how much pain he can absorb. Yet he's more excited than for any of his previous fights. With crotch-crushing allowed -- welcomed!-- surely anyone can come out on top! Anyone without scruples, that is!

Without warning the Kid executes a Vicious knee lift right between Len's legs! Falling to the mat in agony, Len rolls silently, suffering the agonizing ache in his nuts as it overtake his entire body. KV just laughs as he plants his heavy boot right over the damaged groin. Len can only gasp "Ah, shit!" as he fights through the pain. Let the games begin!
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