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I love the Middle Eastern-themed movies of Alexander. He gets his Brazilian stunners all dressed up in fanciful costumes, puts them in a room furnished with exotic carpets and pillows and let's them go at each other. No matter the setting, an Alexander picture is all about watching the most gigantic dicks on earth disappear into some of the smallest asses, and you can set that in Rio, Beirut or the North Pole and the end result will always have the same delicious results.

Out in the middle of the sandy empty desert is a yurt, with two sleepy camels acting sentry. The real action is happening inside. It's there that super-beefy Aban Malik is getting his boner hard while thinner Firas Hani watches. Both have huge uncut cocks. Firas sidles across the Oriental carpets so he can suck Aban, which he does ably as the camera moves all around the action. Aban gets to his knees and paws at Firas' ass, a lovely round rump, before having Firas sit on his dick. It's a tight fit for Firas, but he's inspired to work hard by riding and looking down at Aban. Aban ends up doing more from below, then sideways where he's in complete control, cradling the bottom until Firas shoots. Aban has a geyser blast right near Firas' hole.

The same yurt, let's meet Siraj Wazir and Mujab Nahbi. Both are mocha-colored beauties. This time, Mujab is the more muscular one, though Siraj is also very fit. Mujab has a big tick piece ready for Siraj, fishing inside his own pants for a matching monstrosity. Siraj is invited over to blow Mujab, handling the top half of the cock energetically. He wants more, but his mouth can only stretch so far! Tattooed Mujab forces his dick in from behind, having to push through another stretching opening to get it all in there, but this time there is no choice for Siraj but to take it all. It's only moments before Mujab has picked up generous speed and is really hammering Siraj hard. Siraj rides Mujab, still making sure to take the whole piece and both cum quickly.

It's looking like desert solitude is a myth, because everyone has a partner in "Arabian Desert Camps." Spindly Dhul Fiqar has strapping inked Zafar Yazid for a playmate. The two lightly touch each other and stare longingly until Dhul can't resist unleashing his enormous pecker for Zafar to see, but Zafar has one impressive oak of his own. Dhul's is a great curving eye-popper, the kind that is unconquerably huge. Zafar kisses his way down Dhul's body and then finally sucks, showing his ass to the camera as he does a short blowjob. He's far more interesting in getting fucked, bending over and letting Dhul tease his ass for a while. Dhul puts it inside, with the insertion shown from underneath, and not only does it all fit, but Zafar looks like he takes cocks this big all the time! Dhul doesn't even have to work that hard to assure every thrust sends his dick sailing fully in. Zafar does the obligatory bouncing with the same remarkable facility and then pulls off Dhul to cum. Dhul has a fun shot that creeps up his chest.

The quiet camels outside the tents in this campsite don't seem to care what's happening in the tents. That's a shame, because the view inside is a whole lot better than the stark view outside. Smooth inked Qasim Nibras lets Bassir Rafi play all over his body. His ripped abs and muscular chest are worth touching over and over. His intense face is very handsome. He feeds lanky companion Bassir Rafi some fruit before letting him inside his pants so Nassir can attempt sucking the awe-inspiring fat piece Qasim has worked into full hardness. Bassir's blowjob is fun and sultry. Qasim has made sure tofinger Bassir a little bit before he unleashes his beast on Bassir's ass. He slips in missionary, guiding his cock through the tight butt until it's all the way in and remains there. Qasim's abs do the hard work, making sure he can work up pushy speed while he's plowing away. They fuck sideways as well, which seems to be even easier for them. Bassir pops while being fucked and Qasim plants his goo on Bassir's thigh, watching is slide down near his hole.

Diya Aldin and Al Zaman are the last camp denizens to get it on. Both of them are tightly muscled hunks in colorful hats, almost indistinguishable except for different tattoos. Al sees how big the hardon is through Diya's pants and definitely wants some. Mastering this heap of flesh will not be easy, but Al is not afraid of a challenge. When he sucks, he goes for broke and even if he can take only the top part, he does it with lust. After a break where the two stare at each other and beat off, Al flips himself around and presents his butt to Diya, who fingers it while keeping his shaft very hard. It's actually Al who has the job of cramming it up into himself as he backs up on Diya, but damn it if he doesn't get it all in there! Al then rocks back and forth until going for the full bounce, his eyes full of intensity and his whole body working to make the fuck ideal. Al is coated with cum as the movie ends.


Aban Malik
Al Zaman
Bassir Rafi
Dhul Fiqar
Diya Aldin
Firas Hani
Mujab Nabhi
Qasim Nibras
Siraj Wazir
Zafar Yazid
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