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♺ [RHR] Load Chaser Scene 3 - The Double Fuck

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-31 |
Fyerfli Double Fuck (description from barebackvideos.ca)

When Buck was in San Francisco on one of his many trips, he asked me to hook him up with some models, since he was looking to shoot another 3-way (I think those are his favorites) and he already had a guy named Peter. So I thought of two guys who were in Gary Carlton's latest movie Bareback Abduction, Fyerfli and Jake Wood, who would be perfect for this.

Peter and Jake start out by deeply rimming Fyerfli's hairy manpussy, getting it all wet and ready for the reaming he is about to receive. Always the acrobat, Jake lifts Fyerfli's ass up to his mouth, while Fyerfli sucks Peter.

Having lubed Fli's fuck chute with his spit, Jake gets first crack at his hole, sliding his 8 inch rod the man ass. If you've seen Jake in either Bareback Abduction or Treasure Island's Deeper, you know what a little fuck machine he can be, and he starts ramming Fyerfli like there's no tomorrow. The always-versatile Fyerfli happily takes dick from both ends as Jake rams him.

The boys switch up to let Peter have at Fli's ass, and then cums the moment of truth, where Fyerfli gets double fucked. Jake lays down and Fli sits on his cock, and then Peter steps in from behind and fiercely works his cock in to the point where it's balls deep. Having worked with Fyerfli I know he can take it, and he gets double fucked like a champ.

Now it time for Fli to get bred, and Peter is up first ramming Fyerfli hard, until he sperms his hole, and then Jake gets in and does the same. I love the shot as Jake pulls his cock out of Fyerfli's ass and a huge wad of cum spurts out. Hmmm, just the way I like it.
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