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It's 'Breeding Time' for these 7 hot boys. What's special in this movie? Well, it's very hot from the beginning to the end, you'll see 2 absolutely hot scenes with my favorite model, Brandon Jr. Above all, this new movie features ass play (dildo, anal balls) and 2 incredible anal cumshots that will leave you speechless!

The first scene is a long one with David and Nico. Nico is a wild top guy who can fuck for hours! He starts preparing David's tight ass, spitting on it, fingering him and starts fucking him with a big dildo. Then he fucks David - who appears as a very greedy bottom - in every position possible on the sofa. David gets so excited that he cums on Nico, but the action goes on! The end is awesome: you'll see Nico moaning - and shouting - as he cums deeply into David's ass, then he pulls out to let his cream dripping from the boy's gaping hole. But he still wants more and sits again on Nico's drenched dick!

Then you'll be pleased to see Brandon Jr. and Andrew in a duo that starts with lovely kissing and foreplay. But then it becomes wild as Brandon puts a long black dildo in Andrew's willing butt! The double-headed dildo will fuck boys at the same time (very nice shots), but then Brandon wants to use this open hole for his own pleasure. So he starts fucking Andrew softly, then harder and harder, as Andrew's moaning like a satisfied bitch. Finally, after a long fuck session, Brandon pulls out just in time to unload all his thick juice on his friend's hole, then he pushes his dick back into him to fuck him again with his cum. Nice ending with Andrew's self facial - he loves his cum, doesn't he?

Next scene is a very exciting one with 2 hot boys and a thick dildo. Very nice close-ups on the bottom's ass, a huge cum shot on his hole... Then cum is used as a lubricant for the top's dick and the dildo, which pushes the cum deep inside... Hot!

Then it's a 3some in which appears Andrew again. Here, you'll see that he's greedy too! Of course he'll take his mates' cocks, but his tight hole will swallow big anal balls too! Again, the boys' cream is swallowed or pushed deep inside Andrew's ass.

Finally, this is my favorite scene! Not only because it features Brandon Jr. (with a dark-haired, cute boy from the DVD cover). It's also my favorite for some reason you'll discover soon ;-)
We're in the bathroom and Billy's having a bath. Brandon joins him in the water and after a nice foreplay, Brandon starts playing with a big red dildo and Billy's ass. Billy's moans indicate that he really enjoys this, but he wants more! So Brandon gives him what he wants and starts fucking him doggy style. This scene is really well filmed, with great close-ups on dicks, asses (Brandon has a very nice one too!), wet balls (they're in the water) and the faces. By the end, Billy cums as he still have Brandon's cock inside... But the best is yet to be: Brandon goes on fucking him, then pulls out and starts cumming on his open hole - but he pushes his cock back into Billy as he keeps cumming!! The close-up shows us the contractions of Brandon's balls' base (his perinea) as he's unloading the relief of his hot cream inside Billy. Then he pulls out and Billy's ass is covered with cum and some thick white juice drips out of it. So Brandon puts it back inside to fuck Billy a little more.

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