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Year: 1979
Cast: Mike Mitchell, Steve Richards, Quave Dalton, Robert Long, Peter Spree, John Rawles, John Hill, Roy Ozzy, Charles Woodward, Walter Wanger
Length: 63
Studio: Marathon
Director: Nicholas Nickodell


Three straight sailors get turned out of Tinsel Town as they hunt for cunt in all the wrong places in this early 1970's flick by director Nicholas Nickodell.

The first transfer from film to video was riddled with production flaws, including jarring editing, hurried pacing, unclear sound, color variation and few close-ups, but Bijou's a restoration of this Ironstone Production, has put this vintage gay porn film back to it's original pristine condition.

This release stands up to the test of time and eroticism because of the naturalism of its actors, their uninhibited performances, and their genuine intimacy. Mustached John Hill gets dropped off at a bar by his two pals and winds up as trade for a horny and bearded bartender, Mike Mitchell, atop the pool table. With frequent breaks for passionate kissing, they go from 69ing to Mike upending John and eating out his hairy ass.

The director jump cuts from John deep-plunging Mike to face-fucking him with his shitty dick, then jerking off his load onto John's face. Clean-shaven Steve Richards wanders into a drug paraphernalia shop and is seduced by Charles Woodward, the owner, to try his wares, including marijuana and cocaine.

Flying high, they prove that drugs and sex don't mix since theirs is the least satisfying coupling in the movie. After rushed and distracted cock sucking set to psychedelic music and drug effects (a hallucination of a taut, hairy, mustached clone jerking off at a urinal), Steve jisms while sexy, short and hairy Charles doesn't.

Next, blond Peter Spree is slowly seduced by humpy cowboy Quave Dalton in an assured and languorous set-up that leaves one yearning to join them. Peter slurps Quave's tube o'flesh then sniffs poppers as Quave reams him with a long, thin dildo. Quave replaces the plastic prick with his real dick and rams him with long, deep thrusts.

Sloppy editing reveals itself here in what clearly is the hottest scene between two studly and free-wheeling men, and we get fast-paced, jumbled humping before Quave leaks his cum.

Meanwhile, Mike and John share laughs and raunchy rutting on Mike's tacky couch. As John cops a squat on Mike's red knob and rides him like a jockey, both frontwards and backwards, he spurts his dew, which Mike laps like a kitty drinking milk.

All three sailors reconvene at the bar and lie about the fantastic women they've met, and naturally promise to visit for weekends to come.
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