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"Mutiny: Shipmates Revenge!" is Matthias von Fistenberg's directorial debut, and what promise it foretells! The director perfectly blends the outrageous sex and the story, a dark tale that never flinches, with rugged men going overboard to make this ship-shape flick a titanic success.

Running the boat is Matthew Green, a gorgeous hunky Polish man with a flawless body and an elegant air about him. It's all show, though, because he's downright mean. The boat looks like a germ-infested rust bucket, even with ensign Tim Rusty trying his best to swab the deck. Upset that Tim cleans with his ass poking out, Matthew sends Jamal out to watch Tim. Not necessarily a good idea, because black cutie Jamal sneaks right up to Tim, kisses him and leads him off to a catwalk for some private sex. Handsome red-haired Tim, neatly shaved on his head and face, has immediate sexual oomph. Jamal packs a truly magnificent cock that looks a foot long until it's parked in Tim's expert mouth. Tim positively inhales the thing, stretching so wide he almost deep-throats it. After Tim has worked his throat raw pleasing this dick, he slides a condom on it and bends over. Tim arches himself backward to kiss Jamal as he's getting fucked, full of excited groans. Jamal amazingly gets his entire cock stuffed up there, and Tim is more than happy to ride backwards to show just how much he can take. Tim is active as a bottom, but quiet Jamal knows how to forge ahead with power of his own. Jamal takes Tim missionary on the precarious catwalk, dog-tags flying all over the place. After another strong doggy episode, Jamal cums on Tim's ass.

Matthew is then seen with a boot on Ian Alexander's goateed face, making him lick it with nefarious sliminess. Given how dirty the boat is, Ian has quite a task ahead of him licking these boots clean. From the onset, Matthew creates an indelible character that never falls apart. He spits and slaps the hell out of Ian, growling at him to open his pants. SLAP. "Not with your hands, with you mouth," he bellows. His dick sports a giant Prince Albert, but Ian sucks it undaunted. Matthew insists the blowjob be done without hands, and it's a testament to Ian's patient sucking that the cock can be seen hardening in his mouth. Matthew of course insists on a deep-throat and Ian is able to take it all. Matthew body slams the now-worried-looking Ian down on a table and rips off his pants. He then shoves his face into Ian's ass, seemingly the first nice thing he's done, but it's an angry rimming, totally in character. Matthew, now thankfully naked to a hunky body, slides a condom over his scary piercing and goes in for the kill. He pulls Ian's arms back, slapping the ass and commanding Ian to "make it nice and loose for me!" At the speed he's going, that's bound to happen easily enough. Ian, playing his part, makes nary a sound as Matthew continues to hound his ass, slapping and pushing with mean delight. Matthew turns Ian over onto his back for more fucking, the table sounding like it's going to give way under Matthew's power. Matthew pulls out to cum, and true to the scene, doesn't wait for Ian to finish.

Instead, Matthew takes him down in the bowels of the boat and chains him up, using Rick Gonzalez and Jake Corwin to suspend him upside-down. "Now leave!" he tells the extras to have Ian all to himself again. Matthew slaps away around Ian's body, taking his sweet old time as the blood rushes to Ian's head. Out comes a menacing whip and Matthew is anything but gentle about using it. Ian makes no sounds the whole time, not even with Matthew roars, "you're the lousiest cocksucker I've ever had!" As Matthew taunts Ian physically and emotionally, the latter's skin begins to glow red and the hollow set causes every swipe to echo loudly. It's all played with calculating nastiness by Matthew, who spits out dialogue slowly between huge blasts with the whip. After he's finished, Matthew throws a bucket of water on Ian's tender skin and storms out.

Tim, Rick and Jake are aghast at Matthew's behavior. Tim offers to talk to him first, while Rick and Jake go to talk to Owen, considered an "airhead" by his compatriots, but a needed member of the mutiny team. Flash to puckish Owen, his mouthwatering ass riding a dildo, his mouth giving head to one lucky wooden piece of the steering wheel. His beaming smile is quite infectious. Colorfully tattooed with a touch of hair on his chest, Jake finds Owen thus and takes over the dildo work. Owen fishes for Jake's bountiful boner and finds something with nerve endings to suck. He takes it to the balls, staring up at Jake most of the time. As fast as Jake can face-fuck him, that's how easily Owen can swallow it all up. As delight as his mouth is, it's Owen's ass that is the stuff of legend, and Jake is on it in no time, licking it with appropriate abandon. Jake squeezes in a fine blowjob on Owen as well, but Owen keeps turning his ass back to Jake's face. Even as they kiss, the knowing Owen guides Jake's fingers to his ass. As Owen returns to sucking Jake, tight muscular Rick enters and the three retire to a quieter place.

Owen goes back to chow time, now on two cocks. Rick's long one gets the star treatment as well, Owen obviously delighted with double the cockflesh. He stuffs them both into his mouth fearlessly, managing to deep-throat Rick as well. Jake sucks Rick, too, whipping his head around Rick and then letting Owen take him on again. Jake is finally free to fuck Owen, and slices into him with Owen in full glory. He takes the forceful fuck ideally, Rick's dick still in his mouth. He sprints off Jake and plunks himself down on Rick, completely putting his stamp on this scene. It takes a pro to slide down the full length of Rick Gonzalez at this speed. Owen is then bent over so Jake can pee all over his ass, wetting the bitable cheeks and hairy hole. Owen puckers his ass for the camera and then it's quickly ravaged again by Jake, who still had enough brutality left in him for a last round before he and Rick pop on Owen. Owen has a fine load and three little sated sailors are they.

Tim goes to Matthew, who only retorts by unleashing mammoth muscle stud Carlos Marquez on him. Carlos, inked lusciously all over his back and arms, is an immediate sexual sunburst. Tim seems barely able to breathe, lest he lose a second of blowing time on this most muscular he-man. Matthew plays with Tim's ass, back to the slapping and spitting he's proven he can do so well. He rims as well and then Tim gets to suck both men, with Carlos helping out. When Carlos also wets Tim's ass, I would think mutiny suddenly seems a dumb idea. Tim provides Matthew with a super blowjob as Carlos opens his ass up with his fingers. Carlos hops up a level and Matthew gets Tim's ass all to himself. He stretches it as wide as it can go, fingering, pulling, spitting and licking. He feeds his fingers to Carlos, all too happy to lap up a taste of Tim's butt. Carlos turns around to have his bum chewed as Matthew finally fucks Tim. Matthew gives Tim a pushy expert handless fuck. Full in-and-out blasts, followed by very harsh spit-filled slamming. Again, Matthew doesn't ever break character. Just listen to the sounds of Tim's ass being pounded over and over. For just a moment, Matthew takes a break and lets Carlos fuck Tim, but it's brief before Matthew returns to take him missionary until cumming, followed by a shot to Tim's chest by Carlos.

Diplomacy having failed, the guys have a good laugh at the captain's expense and then Tim goes off to drug him. Waking up, naked and in the ship's bowels, he soon finds his chiseled body invaded by Owen. The erstwhile top is told to "take it like a captain" and all the roles are reversed. Ian exacts his revenge by slapping Matthew with a dildo and spitting on him while Owen rather calmly fucks him. That mood changes when Jake takes over. He's more aggressive, with Owen now head taunter, calling the captain an "evil sadistic fuck" and whipping his friends into a revengeful sexual frapp?. Matthew is made to suck a dirty dildo as Rick gets his turn at Matthew's ass. Rick ups the power ante considerably, hitting him with some of the blasting Matthew has dispensed so blithely to the hassled crewmembers. And Matthew feels it, howling as he's pinned down by the others. Owen returns to fucking, opening up with great speed as Rick fills Matthew's mouth so he can't threaten revenge on the men. Owen apes the series of handless full blasts Matthew used in the previous scene. Matthew is then crammed onto the floor amid the guys and forced to suck Owen's cock. Owen slaps him harshly, accusing him of biting his cock. Jake gets sucked too and then it's more fucking. Matthew sits on Rick, and Jake slides in as well, a thrilling late-in-the-game surprise that Matthew handles like an ace. Into the sling Matthew goes, with a punishing fuck from Rick, and one with so much power from Jake that the top almost levitates. Owen is the final top once again and then Tim uses an enormous dildo with ass-ripping strength. Rick and Jake cum on Matthew's chest, followed by Owen, the dildo still shoved far up his butt. The group leaves the exhausted captain alone in the sling, having taught him the powerful lesson of mutiny.

Matthew Green (who forcefully wrangles control from the rest) and Tim Rusty sizzle with star power while vets like Carlos Marquez and Owen Hawk cement their status as astounding pros. "Mutiny" looks epic, albeit filmed in tight quarters, but it has the feel of unyielding resources. Watching it, I was too breathless to even think of seaman puns because the action was so invigorating, telling things straight-faced seem much fairer to this remarkable heart-and-soul feat.

Starring Matthew Green, Owen Hawk, Carlos Marquez, Tim Rusty, Jake Corwin, Jamal, Rick Gonzales (a.k.a. Rick Rivera) and Ian Alexander.

Directed by Matthias von Fistenberg.

A Dark Alley Media production
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