Workin' it Out DVD5

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Alec Powers, Jeff WHite, Joey Morelli, Kevin Cobain, Kurt Stefano, Kyle Hunter, Kyle McKenna, Rhett Powers, Rick Chase, Sonny Markham, Steve O'Donnell, Trent Reed

The central setting for Workin' it Out is a popular bar in a cosmopolitan city. This may be the first time that the atmosphere and feeling of a gay bar has ever been successfully captured on - video - the whirl and swirl, the highs and lows, the sublime and some of the ridiculous, but most especially, the sexuality that seems to permeate the very air of a really happening bar. The show opens just before closing time as the late night regulars celebrate last call and pair off. Refusing a date with Rhett Powers, a guy he has been seeing regularly, head bartender Sonny is left alone. Or so he thinks. As he begins to dose up he finds himself in the arms of a malingerer with a well-planned attack. Soon hot Joey Violence is turning Sonny every way but loose and Sonny's steely boner is ample evidence that while this encounter may be casual, it is certainly intense. These two go together like paper and glue. And it's enough to make one come unglued. The next morning bar owner Trent Reed sends barback Kurt Stefano off to get some special supplies for the Anniversary Party that night, clearing the way for his close encounter with liquor deliveryman Kyle McKenna. It's wonderful to have big-dicked sex maniac Trent back for one more time. Trent lays it to Kyle big time. And Kyle can take it and take it and take it... big time. If you haven't seen Kyle before now, you must. This big beefy beauty is a sight for hungry eyes with an ass that won't quit and can never get enough. Afternoon finds Kurt and bartender Kevin Cobain putting up the decorations for the party. Kevin is expecting a buddy in for a visit but not for a few hours, so he convinces Kurt to hold down the fort while he heads over to the park to catch a few rays. That's what he says. (Kurt doesn't believe him either.) And he was wrong about the friend too. He arrives shortly after Kevin leaves. Kevin, with limited time, wastes none of it, and soon finds a private spot and someone with tasty privates. Kevin and Kyle Hunter get back to nature in a most compelling way. Another Kyle with another lovely and luscious ass - creamy smooth, lush and ripe, firm and flexible and the perfect home for a hungry pole in need of a hole. Kevin's pole becomes amazingly rigid. It is always as steely hard as most people are just before climaxing and as you watch it thrust way in and then pull way out you're bound to sweat up a big load... just like they do. At first Kurt can't figure out what to do with Kevin's friend, Steve O'Donnell. Then he realizes that Steve has one helluva pile driver. And Kurt has just the right things for a big pile driver - a hot, wet mouth and a hotter and wetter butthole. Quick as a wink these two are busy driving us over the edge once again as they add hard action to an "afternoon delight." It's late evening again at the bar. A special performance by Alec Powers, Rick Chase and Jeff White brings the evening to a climax. Riding on the success of the party, Sonny decides that it's time to call in some debts and take a little vacation with his friend Rhett. Away from the city, surrounded by the beauty of nature and with a handsome hunk like Rhett, Sonny begins to waver in his conviction that bartending and relationships don't mix. Rhett is very persuasive and he knows all the buttons to push to convince Sonny that there's more to sex that meets the eye.
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