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Fucked Down

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Description Fucked Down is a companion release to Fucked Up. Raging Stallion continues to deliver non-stop, man-on-man action that will make your cock hard as a rock, shooting load after load! Fucked Down delivers another helping of energized, steamy, hardcore acts in a sex club where there are no-holds-barred and anything goes. The Raging Stallion cameras catch every single minute of these horned up men using each other to take out their sexual aggressions. This rough and intense sex fest starts with the superstar pair of Exclusive Jesse Santana with XBIZ performer of the Year Adam Killian dogging around. Then, new Exclusive Jimmy Fanz in his debut Raging Stallion performance delivers an unforgettable solo. Finally, a group of five studs start an energized orgy, break off into two gritty scenes and reunite for an explosive, penetrating finale. Fucked Down is fireworks-worthy! Filmed by ALL of our top directors, Fucked Down is so good that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like this movie for any reason, simply call us for a full refund!

Scene 1: Adam Killian & Jesse Santana

Who let the dogs out?. Exclusives Adam Killian and Jesse Santana have a blast pawing and sniffing around each other like a pair of frisky pooches on the prowl. The two muscled studs play-act tugging at a pull toy while they grapple and roll about with self-gratifying smugness. They lick and slobber each other's sweaty assholes with their snouts snugly burrowed up their butt cheeks. Then they grab ahold of each other's chunky boners, guzzling the entire length of the meaty firmness down their throats. Jesse's slick muscularity is a stunning complement to Adam's massive frame with those thunder thighs and awesome butt cheeks. It's "no pain, no gain" as Adam and Jesse work each other ragged taking turns sucking, rimming and fucking with sheer abandon. And their rabid dogfight comes to a satisfying end when both of them finally bust their nuts, cumming in spurts all over each other. Woof!

Scene 2: Jimmy Fanz

Jimmy Fanz likes it nice and easy as he sits back, looking cool and relaxed with cock in hand. He begins stroking his big boner in a slow sensuous rhythm then gradually speeds up to ensure the fleshy pole is at its thickest and firmest aroused state. Then he reaches between his legs to play with his ass; he pokes the twitching hole with his fingers and cups his balls, making all the right moves to keep the sensation electrified. Then to heighten his excitement, Jimmy jams a big black dildo up his ass. He slides the rubber club in and out with the same speed that he strokes his cock, working his two erogenous zones simultaneously until he squeezes out gobs of thick gooey jizz all over his fingers.

Scene 3: Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black, Bryce Star & Mathew Mason

Spencer Reed and Troy Haydon are deliriously lip-locked as Colin Black fellates them both; and Bryce Star is down on all fours gulping at Mathew Mason's erect cock. Mathew runs his hands down Bryce's backside and excites his asshole as Colin continues sucking off his buddies, until Troy joins him in servicing Spencer. The big man's thick cock slides through their lips while their tongues bathe the length of the tasty shaft. And Mathew soon takes his turn gobbling up Bryce's meat muscle. The five men then join forces as Spencer and Mathew lift Bryce up, spreading his legs apart so his asshole is vulnerable for a vigorous tongue-fuck. Under Spencer's direction, Troy and Colin become frenzied bottom feeders as they fight over Bryce's prized hole.

Scene 4: Mathew Mason & Bryce Star

Mathew Mason lies on his back with Bryce Star straddling him. Bryce has skewered himself onto Mathew's massive hard-on, grinding himself down as he works his tight hole around Mathew's pole. Both men moan and groan with pleasure, and they continue grunting their approval as Bryce lays back and Mathew takes control, standing between his legs jamming and jabbing his cock deep inside his ass. Mathew grabs a hold of Bryce's cock and yanks on it as he continues punishing his partner's crack. Bryce knows Mathew is hitting his spots, and he's ready to burst, so he begins to jerk himself off. He finally shoots his wad while Mathew continues the assault on his ass. Unable to hold back any longer, the studly blond pulls out and cums all over his bud.

Scene 5: Spencer Reed, Colin Black & Troy Haydon

With massive Spencer Reed standing behind him fucking his tight ass, Colin Black is in pig's heaven as he works his other hole on Troy Haydon's big cock. The hunky trio rock back and forth in continuous motion with Spencer eagerly leaning forward and nudging Colin out of the way so he can get his hot licks in on Troy's hot knob. Spencer is a one-man wrecking crew as he sucks and fucks, savaging both his partners like a champion. Spencer and Troy switch places, greedily ruthless in their continuous assault on Colin as they deny him a chance to relax at either end. But no one's complaining as each man works hard until they all finally bust, blasting a storm of spooge all over.

Scene 6: Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black, Bryce Star & Mathew Mason

Spencer Reed oozes machismo and power as he fucks Bryce Star up the ass while just below them Troy Haydon and Mathew Mason are busy giving it to Colin Black on both ends. But this is just a warm-up to the big five-man orgy that follows. Lying down on his back, Colin is the susceptible yet completely willing bang target for his four sex-crazed friends. As Bryce stuffs his chub stick down their victim's throat, Troy, Mathew and Spencer ride roughshod on his ass, taking turns drilling their throbbing cocks as far inside as possible. The action gets hotter and louder as the men dig in feverishly mining every ounce of pleasure they can off of the insatiable Colin. And complete satisfaction is finally achieved as signaled by their five explosive blasts of warm cum.
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