Best of Xtube: The Early Years

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DescriptionIf you're a fan of amateur adult content, Xtube is almost certainly your go-to online resource. For nearly a decade, the site has hosted clips from masses of the completely unknown and catapulted many of them to fame and/or infamy.

Some of gay porn's biggest names today either got their start as part of Xtube's Amateur Model program or otherwise initially practiced their craft in the form of uploads for free viewing to the site and myriad others like it that sprang up in the wake of Xtube's success. Many of those videos are still readily available today, while others might seemingly be lost to the history of the web.

Unless, of course, you count the collections of screen-grabbed or right-click-saved videos sitting quietly on hard drives all over the world. Maybe your favorite rests among them. In that case, I present my own "old school" Xtube collection, a random and only slightly edited mish-mash of clips I've loved over the years, dating back to when it all began in 2006. 

Included in this collection, you will find:

- The earliest efforts of Maverick Men Studios, which at the time published as an Amateur account under the ID MaverickMen222

- Similar first-try videos from AdamPowerTop, soon to become known as the professional-amateur favorite, Badmanandrobin

- Casually drunken but artfully edited videos from Treasure Island Media's very own Damon Dogg

- Two massive clip collections of the best of the unknowns from the first years, modestly titled "Fuck Reel #1" and "Fuck Reel #2"

- And many more. In all, there's nearly 13 hours of amateur adult video here for you to enjoy.

Happy watching!

XTube - AdamPowerTop Fucks Raw.wmv 44.46 MB
XTube - Bareback Twink Forest.avi 129.79 MB
XTube - Blindfold Fuck.avi 49.08 MB
XTube - British Twink 3-Way.wmv 80.72 MB
XTube - Construction Twink Fuck.avi 118.22 MB
XTube - DallasBoysPNP.avi 9.53 MB
XTube - Drunk Brit Twink Fuck Party II.flv 201.05 MB
XTube - Drunk Brit Twink Fuck Party.wmv 95.45 MB
XTube - Fuck Reel #1.wmv 493.31 MB
XTube - Fuck Reel #2.wmv 977.56 MB
XTube - Fuckin' Raw in the Kitchen.avi 54.12 MB
XTube - Guys and (Blow-Up) Dolls.mp4 83.08 MB
XTube - Hot Hotel Fuck Party.wmv 91.94 MB
XTube - jeremysexbb.avi 270.46 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Big Daddy Cock in My Ass.flv 62.44 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Fucking a Virgin Cherry II.avi 238.41 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Fucking a Virgin Cherry III.flv 151.29 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Fucking a Virgin Cherry.avi 231.05 MB
XTube - Maverickman222 - Fucking Hot Muscle Boy.flv 85.31 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Military Cherry (Part 1 of 2).flv 160.84 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Military Cherry (Part 2 of 2).flv 136.44 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Punish Fucking Hot Greek Twink.flv 100.76 MB
XTube - MaverickMan222 - Return of Fire Boy.flv 149.98 MB
XTube - NekidWhiteBoy28 Gets Fucked.avi 8.97 MB
XTube - PNPBoys Fucking.avi 167.37 MB
XTube - SDBoy24.avi 16.94 MB
XTube - SkinnyThick Fucks Anthony.wmv 13.15 MB
XTube - Straight Ahead.avi 33.13 MB
XTube - The Spunk Cunt.wmv 114.73 MB
XTube - The Yum Boys.wmv 60.71 MB
XTube - TIM's Damon Dogg Does a Burlesque-ish Strip Tease.wmv 9.40 MB
XTube - TIM's Damon Dogg Gets Drunk & Tag-Team Fucked Raw.mp4 72.65 MB
XTube - TIM's Jesse O'Toole Fucks Damon Dogg on New Year's Eve.wmv 33.83 MB

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