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I can usually count on director Doug Jeffries to deliver a wickedly funny porn script that manages to breathe nicely alongside wonderful sex. "Depraved" has this master, with writer Scott Swann, exploring a far darker side of sex, one that is haunting and taboo, but vivid and sexy, despite the harsh themes. It also turns out to be one of Jeffries' better movies, an intense peering into a seedier side of sex that holds fast to keeping them dim and foreboding.

Derrick Hanson plays a scientist, or so we assume because he's in a lab coat, begins with three men attached to various probes that can peer into their chaotic minds. The first subject is hairy he-man Cole Ryder, who is bound to a chair by a black-clad thief as his boyfriend Johnny Hazzard returns home, unaware of that danger lurking. Cole, tied to the chair, can only bleat in horror as Johnny is forced to do everything madman Chuck Scott tells him. Butch bearded Chuck is an ideal candidate to overpower the lean tattooed Johnny, and is eerily believable as the raping fiend. At first, Chuck is into having Johnny smell his pits and then sniffing around his prey himself, whispering taunts into Johnny's ear and yelling at Cole in the next room. Chuck first assaults Johnny with a see-through dildo, Johnny wincing as he's invaded (though his ass handles it beautifully). When Chuck pops out his dick, Johnny doesn't immediately take to it, but of course when he does, it's the deep-throating talented Johnny Hazzard the star. Johnny is then placed on Chuck's cock to ride, easily bouncing the full length of the cock and admirably hard himself, though his face remains as impassive as it should under suck duress. Chuck is really the power here, pushing up from underneath, still in character as the nasty attacker. Chuck is delighted at Johnny's ass, building steam and maintaining it through a sideways fuck where Johnny takes it brutally. Chuck has a geyser spray all over Johnny and the bed and Johnny cums as well, perhaps the only concession to porn convention in this scene. It's worth saying again that both guys remain absolutely in character and though it's clear they are enjoying great sex, this scene always stays, well, depraved instead of fetching ... until a twist at the end of the scene has the viewer questioning who is the maniac here.

Colorfully tattooed Joe Strong, with a bit of hair on his chin, gives Derrick a clue into prison life. As Joe languished in the pokey, guard Rod Barry was keen on hazing brunet cutie Devon Mills. The ever-aggressive (and truly ageless) Rod, forces Joe to watch as Devon is ordered to devour cock. A respite from Rod's face-fucking comes when Devon is forced to lick Rod's shiny shoes, but it's soon back to cock and nightstick sucking. Scary Rod even brandishes a gun to remind Devon of who has the power. Rod has Devon suck his dick in a series of positions, all with Rod in charge, barely giving the kid a chance to take a gulp of air. Of course, he picked a talent in Devon, who is able to handle the rough treatment and still suck cock exquisitely. Rod has Devon lick his butthole, which Devon does all too eagerly and with a strong lapping tongue. It seems he's inured to this piggy behavior and has learned how Rod wants it done. Rod is the top, but he starts off the fuck by having Devon do the work, backing up on his cock, but soon opens up to a giant series of blasts, pulling tight on the belt around Devon's neck and fucking with typical Rodish rage. Rod is lucky to have such a grand bottom, someone who can handle his strength and depth so easily, giving Rod the chance to keep to his menacing character and still have a whale of a time. By the time Rod fucks Devon with the nightstick, even Joe has gotten a hardon. Devon cums and then Rod has the big spray all over his Devon's abs.

Big-lipped Mike Power has to show Derrick his mind next. Bald businessman Steve Carlisle is having his car done and is rather demeaning to the mechanics, bearded hottie Adam Faust and Mike himself. Mike, holding a mallet in one hand, makes Steve suck his dick, but when he finds out how good Steve is at cocksucking, he invites Mike to enjoy it also. Indeed, Steve is a powerhouse, particularly enjoying Mike's impossibly thick uncut dick. There is a level of enjoyment here on Steve's part, but that's worked into the script by the mechanics having found a dildo in his car and thus assuming he might have fun with this scenario. As he gobbles every inch of the guys' dicks, it seems they were right. Adam helps Steve on Mike and then lets Steve continue solo as he goes to Steve's rear to start fingering and rimming. Adam is an avid pro at the latter, getting everything nice and lubed. Scott, still mostly clothed, is not giving up on his luscious deep-throating of big Mike. Mike disappears so Adam can have Scott alone as a bottom. Scott is extremely accommodating, letting sweaty Adam thrust nastily. Adam knows no end to digging down at Steve. Steve is then forced to use the dildo they found in his car, which is attached to a piece of machinery that pumps it into his ass. Steve manages a copious amount of the dildo, power riding as Adam enjoys watching. Using more props from the garage, Mike forces chain link into Steve's ass, pushing a massive amount in there and then slowly pulling it all out. As if Steve hasn't proven his anal boundlessness enough, Adam fists him, doing a sterling job with both hands. The butt displays get both Adam and Steve to cum, then making out as the scene ends. If this vignette has less shocking anger to it than the others, it certainly has the physical wow of a truly depraved (in the best way possible) bottom.

Derrick has gotten hard seeing these scenes, and when his subjects turn on him, they are firmly in charged. Cole, Joe and Mike are all in leather, with Derrick in a sling. Derrick, obviously inspired by all that he's seen, roars ahead and grabs the movie from everyone. Faced with the cocks of Joe and Mike, he swallows them whole. Now, Mike's cock has already been seen, a gloriously thick slab of beef, and Joe's is this dark hooked piece. Derrick opens wide and, suspended in a sling so it's no easy position, and downs the dicks. Even their owners seem surprised at the ease with which he manages it. Joe gives Derrick loud orders and also does the same for Cole, who has his handsome face buried in Derrick's ass, giving him a full-tilt rimjob. Once the focus moves to Derrick's ass, Joe takes over. He slams his face into Derrick's hole, also taking some licks at Cole's conveniently placed cock. Since Cole was the one who did so much to get Derrick's hole ready, he fucks Derrick first. He's in there deep, Derrick as calm as can be. Joe and Mike bide their time blowing each other while they watch Derrick gets slammed. Big bear Cole gets fucked by feisty Joe in a continuation of the punishing fucks of this movie. Derrick is now Mike's plaything, not only taking Mike all the way, but gyrating around on his ass the whole time. Joe and Cole cum (loudly) and then Mike and Derrick finish with huge poppers. Taking on a bit of extra dirtiness, nipple-pierced Derrick kneels in front of his men and gets peed on by them.

A review by Brent Blue ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

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Cole Ryder
Johhny Hazzard ( hxxp://www.HazzardXXX.com )
Chuck Scott ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/s/a_stars/Scott_Chuck )
Mike Power ( hxxp://bigmuscle.com/87064 )
Joe Strong
Devon Mills
Steve Carlisle
Adam Faust ( hxxp://www.AdamFaust.com )
Rod Barry ( hxxp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Barry )
Derrick Hanson ( hxxp://www.DerrickHanson.com )

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