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BGE- Joshua Goodman Spotlight PT3: Joshua Goodman vs Brooklyn Bodywrecker

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionWarning! Threat Level--Imminent: The Bodywrecker!

Warning! Threat Level -Imminent!
Joshua is a visual thrill--a new haircut, in his best shape yet. "Boy. You look good." A compliment from the BBW? When Joshua responds, "Uh, Who are you," is it a savvy psychology or foolishness, before renaming the Wrecker "the Brooklyn Bum, old enough to be my dad." Mistake! "You just called me Dad. You're going to do it again," the Wrecker warns. But when Joshua dares to choke the BBW with his own harness, then roll him up and spank "Daddy's" butt, what has he set in motion? Knees to the throat, chokes on the ropes and a ball claw that has Joshua screaming as he never has! But the BBW doesn't care, ab abuse before taking ball breaking to new heights: Joshua's big bulge bisected by the ring ropes! A face ripping camel clutch: the BBW orders, say my name. BBW strips the "pussy" to a G-string, and it's a bare-butt bonus round of gratuitous punishment with the hunk's ample endowment endlessly slipping into view. A bouncing bearhug, single-leg crab, another rack--the Wrecker rants, "Who's your daddy?" Broken, Joshua babbles, "The Brooklyn Bodywrecker--sir." Respect! BBW can always use a new boy. Stripping his toy to boots and nothing more, he carts him off, fisting his bruised balls and swatting his flawless ass. Unbelievably exposing and degrading positions. Ultimate domination!
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