Oh So Hero! v19 000 (Windows)

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New features:

    New Enemy: Haya!You can encounter this ninja rabbit enemy in Hiroto Dojo!
    This is a simple enemy with one swooned animation and one sex animation with Joe.
    NOTE: Haya has replaced O'Deere in the Dojo, but O'Deere can still be found in the Forbidden Bayou.
    New Ninja Clan animations!Joining the existing Trio and Pig, we now have Goat and Cat/Dog animations.
    Each Ninja Trap laser color has one of these animations. Find all four!
    Apple silicon support!If you have a Mac with an M1 or newer processor, please download the "Apple silicon" / "macsilicon" build.
    NOTE: Intel Macs can continue running the game with the "Intel" / "macintel" build.

Improvements & bug fixes:

    Hiroto Dojo has updated enemy placement and some revised level objects.
    A few items have been updated with 3D representations. We plan to do this with all existing items as development progresses.
    Tiburon's dialogue has been updated.
    Updated Credits! If you don't see your name listed, contact us. We'll have another update before our next public release, so don't worry. Access the Credits Form here for more info.
    And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

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