♺ Men of Odyssey - Medieval Knights

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-24 |
"Hear ye, hear ye! The court of Lord Magyar is in session. Please present all hardons and fuckholes for approval by the Lord himself.”

We’ve come to expect excellent films from director Oliver Magyar, and Medieval Knights is no exception. Set against the backdrop of a sixteenth century castle, atop a rolling green hill, the film is beautiful to look at just for the location set. From the opening scene to the ending credits, Magyar gives us a panoramic view of the countryside with gorgeous sunsets, quaint cottages, romantic castle rooms and wonderful costumes. Of course what paradise would not be complete without some studs, and we don’t mean of the equestrian kind, although they are present as well.

The cast from this flick is luscious. That’s the only word to describe them all in one fell swoop. Seventeen hung, uncut, ass-fucking, pectoral-bouncing, face-licking hunks straight out of the King Arthur fables. Most of the boys have been in other Magyar films, but they do a fantastic job of giving us a fresh feel each time we see them. The pairing of each couple or threesome is perfect and there is no lack of group sex.

The opening scene introduces us to a pair of travelers visiting Lord Oliver (director Magyar) at his castle amidst a bevy of stable boys, pages, and servants. Not a wench is to be seen for miles and we wouldn’t have it any other way. After some introduction, we are taken to a quiet little cottage on the outskirts of the castle where the lord’s son pays a visit to the peasant owner. (If peasants were as cute as this one, then we’re living in the wrong time period.) A threesome occurs with as much kissing, cock slurping and rump-riding as any good peasant deserves.

Each scene plays on for our imagination to feed upon, including a warm, romantic one in the room of a guest in front of a roaring fire and candles dripping wax. The body bath in this scene is very erotic and not one to miss.

Two servants (caught in the act of lovemaking) in a stable sets the atmosphere of the next scene. The sideways fucking is just too much to handle and spilling your love juice is a must at this juncture. Long, slick cocks gliding slowly in and out of tight little holes makes you want to shoot a load ten times over. “Give me more”, you say? You’re in luck. You get it.

Not only are we treated to a wonderful prison cell scene, but we also get a full buffet of eight stallions in the main banquet hall in one massive orgy. Without ruining the moment for you, we’ll tell you that it’s awesome! It’s a wonderful climax to the film and leaves you filling weak in the knees. Magyar proves once again he knows how to give a party in whatever setting he chooses.

Cast:  Martin Norotny, Vladimir Juracka, Molnar Gabor, Halasz Gabor, Bala Constantin Vicentio, Halasz Mihaly, Kosuth Gabriel, Odor Jozef, Hubay Attila, Virag Laszlo, Papai Zoltan, Nadhazi Laszlo, Jiri Babka, Polak Michal, Radek Luzar

Director:  Oliver Magyar

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Running Time:  1:14:51
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